Josh Hrach (FSF Josh) is a simmer and long time member of the Federation Sim Fleet.


Josh's background is in science fiction. Even while growing up, his mind was to the stars. While other kids his age were watching Sesame Street and other such programs, he was busy watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. By the sixth grade, he had been introduced to Star Wars. Now quite interested in both stories, Josh's mind crept out, taking in all that he could about those two universes. That information would lead him to enjoy simming when he first encountered it.

Simming History

Josh began as a simmer on the USS Outrider, serving in its early days in the FSF (August 2002). Soon after falling in love with IRC chat simming, Josh branched out to quite a few of the other chat sims in the fleet at that time, including the USS Intrada, USS Infinity, USS Legacy, and the USS Coeus. With this rapid expansion in sim interest, Josh soon found himself knowing too many people...

But that had nothing to do with his history. Several months of simming went by until, in late 2002, he came across a relatively new chat sim. This sim, whose only member was its CO, Kang, was at a time that Josh thought would be fun to sim at. However, his dedication to the small sim soon got him into trouble. Kang quickly asked Josh to assist him with a different sim idea... and with helping the group that the sim was to be in.

The United Galactic Federation was a relatively small group, with no more than a handful of members. Kang had wanted to help the group by starting a Saturday sim, and Josh was to be its XO. Work proceeded on the sim during the beginning of 2003. The UGF CO, Admiral Perice, soon took note of him and asked him to assist with the group, as well. Having only been a simmer for several months, but already eager from the simming he had done so far, Josh accepted that promotion, so to speak, and was quickly announced as the group's XO. It was around this time that Kang was forced to leave the simming world due to his real life commitments. This left Josh in charge of the sim that was to be started on Saturdays. Not wanting to ditch the project, Josh recruited the help of a friend, the future FSF JD, and they worked together to get that sim running. By the end of February 2003, the USS Providence had begun simming. That sim still is in existance today.

With Josh working in UGF command, he quickly set out to improve the group. When he first was put into his position, Josh saw that the group was not as well off as previously thought. While there were several sims on the group page, they were more or less all just getting off the ground. Some of them had barely started work. Others had no one assigned to them. Seeing this as a problem, Josh helped to consolidate what was in the group and to get them started one step at a time. While this brought the number of total sims down for the group, the quality of the sims improved as more work was put into them by the group. The Providence acted as the flagship of the group.

As the months went by, UGF slowly expanded. Working in command, Josh met and worked closely with several people that would help shape the UGF later on. People like AJ Chegwidden and the future FSF Jace contributed greatly to the UGF in the beginning, helping in many areas of administration.

While the work in the UGF was enjoyable as the group was expanding, Josh had something else he wanted to do. After being asked by the then new host FSF Chloe, Josh applied to be an FSF host. She had asked him to start an email simulation, the USS Alceste, with her, something he readily accepted. In June of 2003, Josh then became known as FSF Josh.

As the year went on, the UGF continued to grow. Eventually it housed five to six well run sims. However, such peace did not last forever. As the fleet expanded, several issues came up between the UGF CO and the hosting body. Soon, the UGF was changed and, by November of 2003, the group was loosing its cohesion. Josh was not one to be a leader at that time, and after some considerations, the UGF looked to and eventually joined with two other groups to become the Dynamic Simulation Federation (DSF). With Josh as XO, that group continued on for several months.

By January of 2004, though, the group was nearing its end. Wanting the remaining sims to survive, plus seeing the success of the FSF, Josh was supportive of the group merging with the FSF. He was already a host there and the move would bring the Providence into the group. While the group itself ceased to exist, several of the games continued on for a short time. The USS Providence remained active for many years after.

From that time forward, Josh was host of several other games. He became the host of the USS Noralus, starting as the sim's XO under FSF Kessy before she left, and then continuing as CO of the sim until it was retired around 2010.

In late 2005, Josh stepped down as the Alceste CO due to time constraints and other factors. His character remained a short while as a guest character before departing from the game.

For many years, the USS Providence was the sole sim operated by FSF Josh. Following a very successful 10-year run, the sim was officially retired in May of 2013. While the sim is now no longer active, Josh intends to continue the story with novels and short stories.

After a short break from hosting, Josh began work on relaunching the game Torchwood: United Front, a forum based sim set in the Torchwood/Doctor Who universe.

Outside of sim hosting, Josh has had several administrative positions in the FSF. He has served as the FSF's Communications Director, maintaining the official news site and their online social media presence.

Josh retired from the simming world in 2014, though he remains active online and occasionally is found in the community. Since retiring, Josh has been able to focus on his family.


Administrative Roles

Past Assignments

  • Fleet Executive Officer - Delta Fleet (ca January 2005 - June 2005)
  • Fleet Commander - Delta Fleet (June 2005 - January 2011)
  • Community Director (January 2005 - January 2012)
  • Communications Director (January 2012 - May 2013)

Sim Assignments

Past Assignments

  • USS Alceste - Captain Steven Pliskin (June 2003 - ca December 2005)
  • USS Aquinas - Temporary Host (1 month period during the fall of 2003)
  • USS Noralus - Captain Hal Emmerich (XO: Late 2003 - October 2004) (CO: October 2004 - January 2008)
  • USS Noralus - Captain Neil Jackson (CO: January 2008 - 2010)
  • USS Providence - Captain Gregory Talus (February 2003 - May 2013)
  • Torchwood: United Front - Detective Jonathan Smith (January 2014 - May 2014)

External Links

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Original USS Providence Website (circa Feb 2003)