Jay O'Meara is a former Star Trek simmer who served in varying capacities in the United Space Federation from June 1996 to ca 2007. He is mostly known for his character of Chief Jay, although he has played other characters.

Simming History

Early Career

Jay was recruited for the USF in the summer of 1996 by Kate Lup, then an Ensign on the USS Roddenberry (Rod). Being a bit young and new to Role Playing (previously having only played in one Dungeons and Dragons campaign), Jay named his character after himself, and created a terribly uncannon and implausible background for his character which was so darn awful (And possibly Star Wars based) that it cannot be repeated here. Suffice to say, the early "Ensign Jay" was less of a character and more of a hopeful 14 year old's definition of "The Coolest Guy Ever."

The Chiefening: A Character Grows into His Own (ears) and Inadvertently Becomes Blue

In fall of 1996, Ensign Jay was promoted to Ltjg. He was also subsequently given the post of "Chief of Security" following the departure of his superior officer. Around that time, "Real Jay" found it simpler to change his screen name to "Chief Jay" rather than changing his screen name every time he was promoted.

A Dilemma

When Jay went to change his screen name he found out "Chief Jay" was already taken. Upon further inspection Jay found out that it belonged to some one who worked in the U.S. House of Representatives!! After some careful thought (10 seconds), Jay decided that he would merely adopt a mispelled moniker (Cheif Jay), on the premise that he was always mispelling "Chief" anyway.

From that day forward, he never mispelled the word again, and the name still looks weird to him to this day. However, it has remained his online handle in all of its mispelled glory!

Growing up Elfy

Around the same time as Chief Jay's promotion, he also ran into a star creature which inadvertently turned him into a blue "Elf" with ridiculously colored hair. This helped bring the character into his own, and he began becoming a distinct character, rather than just his player.

Trouble in River City

Jay and other SIMmers on the Rod soon found themselves at odds both in- and out-of-character with the command staff of the Rod. Jay, Daniel Fowler and Abigail Morrell, once the Rod's "Impeccable Three" found a giant division growing between them. It ended in mutiny, with Dan, Kelly Rowles and others leaving the USF, and Jay transferring to the USS DarkPath.

A Glorious Return

Jay lasted all of 2 months and change on the DarkPath before he decided he hated his new captain, and he and Abigail had made up. He return to the Rod, regained his Rank as a Lieutenant Commander and served out the year happily.

They Promoted Who?

Late in 2000, Jay was finally elevated to Host status (at the Rank of Commander) and made XO of the USS Halifax under Captain Shane Booker.

A Wide Array of Characters

At the time of Chief Jay's promotion, Jay was loathe to leave the Rod, which he loved dearly, and had enjoyed so many Tuesday nights on. He created a new character Chief Petty Officer Robert Mulcahy so he could continue to SIM on the Rod. Also around this time Jay created Petty Officer First Class Mar La Glace to serve aboard the USS Potemkin. Jay had become friends with Seth Cotis, knowing him as "Christiaan Back" (then Captain of the 'Tem) because they had both become disenchanted with the way the USF was being run. However Jay did not follow Seth to the SLA, as his loyalties lay with USF. He retired Mar at that time.

College is More Fun Than You

Jay retired Chief Mulcahy soon after, finding it wasn't much fun to play anyone else but Chief Jay on the Rod. He was also having trouble fitting in on the Halifax. Further more, he was having trouble making his SIMs, as he found there was a lot of fun to be had in his college years, and in his own words: "pretending to be an Elf on Tuesday nights wasn't one of them." Although he tried to get back in the swing, Jay soon retired Chief Jay and left SIMming in 2002.

Guess Who's Back, Suckers?

In December 2005, lured back by his friends, Jay returned to his ship and his character, playing Chief Jay on the Rod once again. God's in his Heaven, and All's right with the World. He remained active until ca 2007, at which time he again retired from simming.

Real Life Trivia

  • A computer artist, 3D Modeller and Freelance Web Designer/Animator
  • Maintains a website at
  • Addicted to Southern Sweet Tea ...and Southern Girls
  • Loves Megadeth
  • Plays a ton of musical instruments ...badly

Character Compendium

Chief Jay


Basic Information

  • Name: Jay
  • Rank: Lieutenant (However, Most people refer to him as "Chief" rather than his rank)
  • Posistion:Chief of Security
  • Current Ship: USS Roddenberry
  • Current Commanding Officer: Captain Sovak
  • Previous Ships: USS Roddenberry, USS DarkPath, Special Operations Group, USS Halifax
  • Previous Commanding Officers: Rear Admiral Stuart Scully, Fleet Captain Dar esh Mstrad, Commodore Elizabeth Hanson, Captain Kate *T’Lara, Captain Shane Booker
  • Species: “Elf” (No medical consensus, based on appearance.)
  • Eyes: Red, no pupils
  • Hair: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow
  • Skin Tone: Light Blue
  • Age: Indeterminate, looks around 20 - 25
  • Special Abilities: Jay is a powerful telepathic and bioluminescent. These conditions resulted from a run in with an alien entity which transformed Jay into his current state. Further information regarding that incident is highly classified. As for other skills, Jay is an exceptional shuttle pilot and equally skilled shuttle mechanic. Jay has mastered the Katana sword, and also has exceptional knowledge of most StarFleet and non-StarFleet weapons.

Personal History

Most of Jay’s history has been either erased or classified, and known only to his friends. It is known that, in his original humanoid form, he was not of this dimension, and his people were murdered by the Romulans. Jay swore vengeance that day. Jay roamed for a while, as a freelance pirate for hire. He ended up in a San Francisco bar, talking to Ensign Kate Lup, a science officer from the USS Roddenberry. Kate persuaded Jay to enroll in the Academy, which Jay did, finding it his quickest way to get back at the Romulans.

Given the path his life has taken over the years, Jay no longer uses his last name, feeling he ceased to be that person long ago. In his new life, as an entirely different species, and ripped from his home dimension, he simply goes by his first name "Jay." This is usually not a problem, as most of his peers had simply address his as "Lieutenant Jay" or "Commander Jay" for most of his career. Most recently, he finally had his name legally changed, and amended in his StarFleet Record, as well as public and governmental databases.

Academy Record

Jay managed to bribe and cheat his way into StarFleet Academy. However, the teachers made it hell for him, and he began to fail many classes. However, he recovered, and managed to pass all of his classes. Since his ambition was to kill all Romulans, it blinded his better judgment. He majored in Security, and minored in Tactical. Graduated last in his class. His Academy classes were:

  • Self Defense 101
  • Phaser Training 101
  • Advanced Phaser Training
  • Advaced Self Defense
  • Advanced Shuttle Piloting
  • Basic Medical
  • Basic Engineering

Starfleet Record

Jay's record is nothing to crow about. It ranges from mediocre to downright horrible. He has been cited many times for assault upon other officers, disobeying orders, willful destruction of StarFleet property, reckless endangerment of other officers, abandonment of duty, and insubordination. He has botched numerous away team missions. At one time he was under the scrutiny of the High Command for charges of mutiny.

Jay was Court Martailed for (what he had considered justifiable) mutiny. All the officers involved with the incident were “dealt with,” and Jay was the only person heavily involved who remained in StarFleet.

Upon completion of a court martial, Jay was demoted and transferred off the USS Roddenberry. After serving a short stint as Chief of Security aboard the USS DarkPath, Jay resigned from StarFleet.

For about a month, Jay's whereabouts were unknown. Following the short disappearance, he showed up at Starbase 401. He enlisted in the StarFleet Marine Corps and served for a short time before being requested back to his position aboard the Roddenberry. He accepted and served at his old post of Chief of Security aboard the USS Roddenberry.

Jay also served with the Special Operations Group for a short period of time. After his time in the unit, Jay returned to his post as Chief of Security aboard the Roddenberry.

Following his resumption of duties aboard the USS Roddenberry, Jay was promoted to Commander, and served as Executive Officer aboard the USS Halifax. A mere two months into his tour, Jay was Court Martialed AGAIN for mutiny, this time aboard the Halifax. However, this time he was cleared, and his acts were found to be justified. Jay served aboard the Halifax for a few months, till he got bit by the wanderlust bug again, and went AWOL.

Several months later, Jay showed up again. Having hacked into StarFleets files, he simply transferred HIMSELF back onto the Halifax. No one seemed to notice, so Jay went about his business. He served a short while off the Halifax back on the Roddenberry as Chief of Security, for his friend Captain T’Lara. Eventually he returned to the Halifax, where he served as XO.

A few months later, Jay decided he just couldn't fake it anymore. He'd grown disenchanted with StarFleet, and most of his friends had left. He didn't fit in with the crew of the Halifax the same way he did on the Roddenberry, mostly due to an extreme "homesickness" for the Rod that made Jay uncharacteristically introverted. He had a hard time making friends, with the exception of Captain Booker, with whom he shared a professional friendship and respect. He began to slip in his duties, and finally he handed in his resignation to Booker, since he felt he was unable to perform his duties adequately.

Jay spent the next three years touring the galaxy in various rock and roll cover bands, and searching for his friends Ed Darign and Nalavia Valdyr. He remained in The StarFleet Reserves, though, since he always felt a duty to StarFleet. He was called up for duty twice, and served two short tours. Then he went back to civilian life.

Three years later, Jay finally made contact with Edward Darign. They met, and made a decision to visit their old ship. However, due to a catastrophic disaster, Ed and Jay slipped through time into an alternate timeline. They woke up on the present day USS Roddenberry, with their own personal time having somehow been "reset," but with their memories intact. Jay began serving again on his old ship, while he tried to figure out how to make it back to his own time.

After about 6 months in the Alternate timeline, Jay was finally able to find a way to return himself and Edward Darign to their original universe. Unfortunately, Court Martial awaited them when they returned. Only last minute intervention by their old friend Commodore Ray Packard saved their careers, and in Jays case - his life. Ray called in his last remaining favors, and got Jay (and Ed) posted back to the Rod, where he still serves.

Mental Profile

Jay has been judged "insane" by his friends, and "close to it" by a Counselor. He swings to the extremes of the emotional spectrum, laid back one minute, and utterly insane with rage the next. He either doesn't take something seriously, or he takes it too seriously. Most of the time, thankfully, he tends to take things not seriously enough.

When it comes to decision making and order following, Jay is very rash. He will not hesitate to disobey an order if he believes there is a better way, or his way (Which he sees as the better way) to do it. He finds authority hard to stand, unless it is him.

When it comes to order giving, Jay is less rash, but still not perfect. He doesn't tend to think things through as much as he should sometimes, and if the situation is to tense, his personal motto tends to become "Damn the torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!"

Rear Admiral Scully once (accurately) described Jay as being a "Wild Gun."

Assignment and Promotional Record

  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade - '96
  • Promoted to Chief of Security - '96
  • Promoted to Lieutenant - '97
  • Promoted to First Lieutenant - '97
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander - '98
  • Court Martialed for Mutiny - '98
  • Demoted to First Lieutenant and transferred to USS DarkPath - '98
  • Promoted to Chief of Security - '98
  • Resigned StarFleet Comission - '98
  • AWOL - '98
  • Enlisted in StarFleet Marine Corps - '98
  • Promoted to Private First Class - '98
  • Promoted to Lance Coporal - '98
  • Promoted to Corporal - '98
  • Promoted to Sergeant - '98
  • Promoted to Staff Sergeant -'98
  • Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant - '98
  • Promoted to Master Sergeant - '98
  • Promoted to First Sergeant - '98
  • Resigned from StarFleet Marine Corps ’99
  • Re-enstated as a First Lieutenant on the USS Roddenberry - ’99
  • Re-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander - ’99
  • Transferred to SOG - ’00
  • Transferred back to USS Roddenberry - ‘00
  • Promoted to Commander and transferred to USS Halifax - ’00
  • AWOL - ’01
  • Returned to USS Halifax - ’01
  • Special Reassignment to the USS Roddenberry - ’01 - ’02
  • Transferred back to the USS Halifax - ‘02
  • Inactive Reserves - ’02 - ’05
  • Time Anomaly causes reappearance on USS Roddenberry - '05
  • Recommissioned as Ensign – ’05
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade – ’06
  • Promoted to Lieutenant – ’06
  • Promoted to Chief of Security - '06

Chief Robert Mulcahy

Chief Robert Mulcahy was Chief of the Watch aboard the USS Roddenberry. Retired.

Petty Officer First Class Mar La Glace

Petty Officer First Class Mar La Glace, RM1, USS Potemkin. Retired.