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"Totally Awesome Bro"
Physical appearance
Skin toneTanned
OtherFins & Gills
Born Master Chief Jaxx
Married 2013
Cause of death
Partner(s)Evelina Stone
Other family
Friend of
Enemy of
Mental state
LikesWater, Fruits & Veggies
Professional life
RankJMC Master Chief & Calamar Apprentice
OccupationCalamar Apprentice Monk
Employed by
Years active
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Jaxx of theBlue Dwarf

'Jaxx's Scrapbook of his adventures.

Current Character Page

First Appearance

MACO Origin

Jaxx in MACO Breeding Tank

Jaxx and fellow MACOs in cloning tanks.

Jaxx Out of Cryo

Jaxx in full combat mode. A lean mean eating machine.


Jaxx as a Shark Monster

Jaxx turned into a shark monster after being mutated by a green VR gas.
Jaxx as Shark Monster

Jaxx as Shark Monster

Jaxx on Fernandos

Here is Jaxx turned into a Human
Jaxx as a human

Jaxx as a Human

Here is Jaxx after suffering brain damage, memory loss and being devolved to a slacker surfer.

Surfer Jaxx

Jaxx aT Whiskerman's Ball

Jaxx's dressed up  for Whiskerman's Ball and dancing with Evelina.
Jaxx and Eve dancing at Ball

Jaxx as Anubis

An alternate Jaxx named Anubis working as a spy to help overthrow the evil God Ra.

Killed while defending Alternate Katrina and Alternate Seymour as well as using self to close the portal to stop the Retributors.

Jaxx as Disiple of Shark God

Jaxx in disguise as a Sharkman disiple of Dakuwaqa to help Anubis overthrow the evil God Ra.
Jaxx in MACO Suit blue Hair

Evelina  in Jaxx's Lab

Evelina was playing Mad Scientist in Jaxx's Lab while he was in his tank.

Jaxx and Eve in lab

Jaxx and Eve

Jaxx in VR as a Gardner

Jaxx in a VR game as a Gardner with a magic water can.
Gardner1 Jaxx

Jaxx in VR as Gummy Jaxx

Gummy Jaxx is a VR fun loving adventuerous lad with crush on Silky Eve.

Jaxx in VR as Sharkboy

Shark Boy is a VR fun loving adventurous lad with crush on Mech Girl.
Shark Boy

Shark Boy

Jaxx as a Skutter

Jaxx's mind in the body of a broken Skutter.
Jaxx Damaged Skutter

Jaxx as a Skutter

Jaxx's mind in the body of an upgraded Skutter and reunited with Evelina.
Skutter Jaxx and Eve

Eve and Skutter Jaxx


Skutter Jaxx in Sheep disguise for Time Jump Mission

Jaxx's mind in the body of an upgraded Skutter in a sheep disguise while on a mission.

1794, in Regency England -The crew is attempting to rescue Cassandra Jones from Brittney only to find they are trapped in 1794 and many of the locals are now possessed by alien spider parasites.

Jaxx in 2013 Annual United Sci-Fi Convention on the famous Vegas Strip.  The crew is transported to Vegas in 2013 and must find each other before they get into to much trouble.

Jaxx and Eve at their Vegas Wedding

Evelina and Jaxx get married at Vegas in 2013 during a wild intoxicated night. They are joined by Alex, Artemis, Boyd, Jacky, Chuck Liddell, a gator an Elvis Minister and lot of cross dressing party goers from Club Sin City.

Jaxx & Eve Wedding

Time Jump to Jerusalem

Bomb Squad Jaxx

Bomb Squad Jaxx

The crew manages to fix the paradox and makes another time jump only to end up in Jerusalem, 0 AD.  Now the crew needs to figure out where they are and how to find the others so they can fix the next paradox.  While trying to locate the rest of the crew Jaxx and Evelina run into a wealthy perverted old merchant and accidently imply Jaxx is Yahweh. 

The merchant aids them out of fear and provide them with supplies, laterthey find Kenneth in the desert. Jay finds himself back in his old role as the resurected Jaysus and after escapeing his tomb he runs into Jacky pretending to be an angel to scare Judas.

Canary Jaxx

Canary Jaxx

Following a chance intersection between the Dwarfer's time gate and one of Kenneth's dimension jumps, the crew are faced with having to resolve a series of paradoxes in order to get home. After an encounter with a couple of dangerous STCP renegades in 2013, the latest time jump finds the group in 33AD where they must help Jay kill Pontius Pilate and complete a mission he began more than three centuries ago. However after using an overloaded engine core from Herbie's crashed spaceship to destroy Pilot and his legionaires the crew was captures by Dr. Lindstrom and his mechanoid JMC prison.  After being found guilty of: Temporal Trespassing, not filing his paperwork after each person or creature he killed to JMC officials and his unauthorized marriage to his current spouse. However due to having a  mutated body by a virus, loosing contact with his superiors, being stuck in a skutter body and loyal service to protecting the Blue Dwarf. Jaxx was sentenced to 5 years in prison then he would be be given a new body and reassigned back to a JMC regiment.At this rate Jaxx only had five years before he would be seperated from Evelina.


Jaxx stuck as a Skutter confined to Quarters

Jaxx watching TV

Prisoner Jaxx

After escaping Dr. Lindstrom and his mechanoid JMC prison the found themselves back on the Blue Dwarf. After arriving back on the ship Jay Chrysler went into depression while Cassandra Jones supported him and his sone Max Chrysler.  Alex Solvey suffered a temporial disease and had to be put into stasis. After being mortally wounded by his nemesis, Artemis voluntarily switched to his personal ILIAD (Indefinite LIfe sustAinment Device). Jacky was treated for a the loss of his finger while escaping the prison.  Dave Hollins didn't survive before the time jump with the others and died back on the prison.  Jaxx was confined to his room without an official reason.  Jaxx became depressed since he felt responsible for Katrina's death and watched the Tevelision nonstop.  Evelina was hurt to see Jaxx suffer and then getting locked out of her room made it worse for her.  So to keep from crying more she began to interact with the crew in hopes of convincing them that Jaxx was not the monster they said he was.  Cassandra believed the crew needed some R & R and had AI Holly take them to a beautiful paradise island.  However before that Jay secretly used the time drive to kidnap his pregnanat wife Katrina Chrysler 3 million years before the Cadmium leak on the Blue Dwarf and take her to earth to raise their child in peace.  After a emotional goodbye Jay jumped into the future to lead the crew to some much needed R&R.  While on the planet Evelina decided to use her feminine charms to win as many of the crew members over to support Jaxx.

Jaxx Dies to Save the Crew

Skutter Jaxx destroyed

Destroyed Skutter Jaxx

To save the crew from an STCP terrorist attack Jaxx sacraficed himsef to flush the built up plasma in the engine room out.  In the process his Skutter body was destroyed.  Luckily Cass and Jade were able to recover his mind and put it back into his real GELF body.

Cass and Dr. Jade resurrect Jaxx

Jaxx and Eve Hug

Jaxx and Eve

Eve is happy to get Jaxx back and are now working with the crew to fix the damaged Blue Dwarf so they can go back to Fernandos to rescue Plisken.

Jaxx and Eve on Vacation

Jaxx & Eve on VR Holiday

Once Plisken is rescued they take a vacation on a Virtual Reality Resort.  However due to a glitch in Tara's holo programing she become psychotic and tries to kill the crew by using the resources from the Resort.  Luckily the crew defeats Tara and escapes with some much needed supplies.

Franky borrows a MACO clone body and takes Jaxx on Mission

After coming back from the Virtual Reality resort Franky takes Jaxx on a mission to remake the Calamar home world. Franky had some trouble with making his new Calamar body and is using a slightly modified MACO body.

  • Franky in Maco Body
  • Jaxx
  • Sandy Bottoms
  • Ariel Onatopp
  • Cherry 2000 Pleasure bot
  • Iva Honey-puswa
  • Frankys Battlemechs
  • Iamgwana-Kickbuty logo
  • Princess Mia Shagwell
  • Bif Biggles
  • Transfered to the THE GRAY DWARF

Transfered to the THE GRAY DWARF