James Valentine
Character Name
NameJames H. Valentine
Species Sealed Oni
Sex Male
Age 137
Roleplay Information
Name []
Genre Fantasy/Feudal
Type Chat, Forums.


The Basics

  • Hair: Light red, with a brisk underlying element of darkness.
  • Eyes: Both are varying hues of green.
  • Build: Lithe, and muscled.
  • Height: Five feet and nine inches.
  • Weight: Approximately 120 pounds.

The Details / Identifying features

  • Scars, tattoos, etc.


Clothes / Armor

His outfit is rather quite ordinary, it consists of a white, button-up dress shirt, with a series of black straps overlying it, which hold it down, and a pair of black dress slacks, he is usually barefoot.


Being in a sealed state, he has no weapons, so he merely uses his own claws.


A small derringer, two shot pistol, and a pocket knife.



James is a rather brash individual, being quite bold when need be, rude most of the time, and an all around disturbed individual.


Sobe and girls.


Narcissistic people.


Marital Status

James believes that marriage is a bit foolish, so he merely resolves to dating around, and is currently in a relationship with a woman named Silver. <3 Although James has never been fond of marriage, Silver has a keen feeling for James. She is willing to wait for him if he EVER decides to be ready to love her in return.


He has a younger brother named Nimato, another brother named Myholi, and his father's name is Rasputin.

Skills and Weaknesses

Physical Strengths

Being of the Oni lineage, James still retains a bit of his stamina and strength in sealed state. That being as it is, he also has a strange habit of procuring random items, and turning them into deadly implements of violence.

Skills and Education

As an Oni, he is a fallen one from kami's domain, and also the natural embodiment of man's nature, knowledge, lost, and inhibitions. He has various talents, and knowledge.


He's rather keen of chocolate cake.






Current status

Hmmmm .. James what happened to you? You get an email when I edit your page right? This is Nimato message me on youtube I am Fuck Off Google

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