The Interstellar Simming Confederation (ISC) was a Star Trek chat based sim club that existed on America Online. The ISC was established in March 1999 by William Halsey, Draven Skylord, and William Calhoun after the three departed from the Online Simulations Association (OSA). Bucking the trend of the era towards simming republics, the ISC utilized a business organizational model in its operations; and it won a Simming Prize in 2000 in recognition of its management. Despite this, the ISC suffered a split at the end of 1999 when two of its sims, the USS Exodus and USS Falcon left to join the Federation Sim Fleet. The club fizzled sometime in late 2000 or early 2001.


The ISC ran chat based sims on America Online. The following are sims known to have been part of the club:

The OMEGA Victory and Starbase Black Destiny sims both focused on black-ops missions. The ISC website explained, "As you may or may not know most of Starfleet, Klingon Empire, and Romulans do not know of our existence so all information about us is kept classified. The starbase, Victory and Rage do not bear Federation insignia or colors. Our colors are red and black. Our insignia is a red delta with a black lightning bolt. Know it well for it will be left at all places we go. Our motto is death from the shadows...... May we all die well."

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