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The Innocence are a subgroup of demons who take the form of a young, voluptuous female. This is not to get confused with a Succubus- who lore men to bed and what nots. An Innocence, first cited during the  Black Death -1348 CE- as 'carriers' of the plague. It was said that they alone carried the source of the pestilence that corrupted the healthy and struck on the doors of the living. The species were created for the sole purpose of bringing death amongst the living, Satan's own idea for cutting the lives of the sinners short to fill Hell's ravenous hunger. Though, really their name comes from the idea that they are truly pure beings, light hearted and care free without a sense of morality and truly blinded with ignorance that the world is good.

Basic information

  • Origin: First noted during the Plague of Athens 430 BC.
  • Matriachial Society though usually do not communicate with each other unless times of need.
  • Weakness: Blows to their hearts(Soul Chamber), Elememental discharges, purified beings- those without sin, Virgin blood.
  • Life Span: Undead, however the younger an Innocence is, the more prone they are to have the "True Death".