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Independence Fleet (or IDF) is a Star Trek sim club. Founded in 2001, Independence Fleet has gained a reputation for quality and community service in recent years, with the club, its members, and sims having won a number of prizes in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Current Fleet

Task Force Alpha: Deep Space Exploration

Task Force Bravo: Defense Response Force

Task Force Charlie: Special Interest Sims

Task Force Delta: Special Operations Group

Command Staff

  • Commander-in-Chief: Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler
    • Chief of Fleet Operations: Vice-Admiral Landon Wakeland
      • Task Force Alpha Commanding Officer: vacant
      • Task Force Bravo Commanding Officer: Rear-Admiral Rhenora Kaylen
      • Task Force Charlie Commanding Officer: vacant
      • Task Force Delta Commanding Officer: vacant
    • Fleet Inspecctor General: Vice-Admiral Joseph "Stealth" Carroll
    • Chief of Fleet Personnel and Relations: Vice-Admiral Mason Storm
    • Chief of Fleet Development: Vice-Admiral Caroline Marion
    • Chief of Fleet Communications: Rear-Admiral Landon Wakeland
    • Director of Fleet Information & Archives: Commodore Sakura Mahal

Major Awards

Laureate Award Year
Independence Fleet Simming Prize 2011
Charles Star Simming League Distinguished Service Medal 2011
USS Sunfire Simming Prize 2010

Command Timeline

Independence Fleet is headed by a Commander-in-Chief, who is assisted by a deputy known as either the Chief of Operations or Deputy Commander-in-Chief.

Time CO XO
2001-02 James D. West Charles Star
2002-02 Charles Star Robert Seldon
2002-03 Charles Star none
2003-03 Charles Star James D. West
2003-04 James D. West Felicity Dragonetti
2004-05 James D. West Richter Hiron
2005-05 James D. West Jeremiah Griffith
2005-08 Jeremiah Griffith none
2008-09 Jeremiah Griffith Dakota Olvera
2009-10 Jeremiah Griffith Katsuo Hayashi
2010-12 AJ Wheeler Charles Star
2012-current AJ Wheeler Landon Wakeland

Related Groups

The following clubs were founded by members or former members of Independence Fleet.

Group Founded
Nova Fleet 2002
Pseudo-Independence Fleet 2002
Celestial Fleet 2002
Far Point Fleet 2004

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