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Independence Fleet banner, 2020

Independence Fleet (or IDF) is a Star Trek Role Play by E-mail (RPBE) club that was founded in 2001. IDF is notable for its fleet-wide monthly awards for simming excellence (2001-2004; 2005; 2010-13, 2020-current), a monthly newsletter (2001-2004; 2005; 2010-13, 2020-current), and its volatile history. On its ten-year anniversary in 2011, IDF inducted the first ten members into its Hall of Fame. Since 2010, IDF has been very active in the simming community, and won the 2011 Simming Prize.

Current Fleet

Command Staff

  • Commander-in-Chief: Admiral Charles Star
  • Chief of Technology: Admiral Ken Gillis
    • Director of Personnel: Rear-Admiral James "Rook" Mirtoh
    • Director of Media: Commodore Heather Meadows


Main Article: History of Independence Fleet

Independence Fleet was founded on July 4th, 2001 by James D. West, Charles Star, and Robert Seldon, and has operated continuously ever since. Originally launched with three active sims (USS Sunfire, USS Avalon, and USS Washington), IDF and its members have been very active within the greater simming community since 2010.


Monthly Awards

Main Article: Independence Fleet Awards

Independence Fleet issues fleet-wide monthly awards to its members for simming excellence. The current line up includes eight awards. This tradition goes back to IDF's very first month of operation.

Major Awards

Main Article: Independence Fleet Major Awards

Independence Fleet issues its Distinguished Service Medal and Command Excellence Medal to individuals for superior dedication to the fleet.

Hall of Fame

Main Article: Independence Fleet Hall of Fame

Independence Fleet's Hall of Fame recognizes individuals for exemplary service or extraordinary contributions to the fleet. Induction into the Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by IDF. Fifteen former fleet members have been inducted.

Outside Awards

Laureate Award Year
Aurther Winters Ongoing Worlds Community Honor 2021
Ken Gillis Ongoing Worlds Community Honor 2020
Charles Star Simming Prize 2019
James D. West Ongoing Worlds Community Honor 2018
Charles Star Simming Prize 2016
James D. West Squiddie Award 2015
Landon Wakeland Ongoing Worlds Community Honor 2013
AJ Wheeler Squiddie Award 2013
Independence Fleet Simming Prize 2011
Charles Star Simming League Distinguished Service Medal 2011
USS Sunfire Simming Prize 2010

Tournament of Simulations

Sim Award Year
USS Wayfarer Outstanding Star Trek 2020
USS Ganymede Star Trek Gameplay 2020
Starbase 80 Star Trek Gameplay 2020
USS Liberty Star Trek Gameplay 2020
USS Chuck Norris Excellence in Creativity 2014
USS Victory Best Star Trek Sim 2013
USS Chirikov Outstanding Star Trek Sim 2012
USS Victory Outstanding Star Trek Sim 2012
USS Liberty Excellence in Creativity 2012
USS Sunfire Excellence in Character Development 2012
USS Rioja Excellence in Readability 2012
USS Sunfire Best Star Trek Sim 2011
USS Liberty Most Creative 2011

Command Timeline

Independence Fleet's Commanding Officer (CO) is usually referred to as the Commander-in-Chief. IDF's Executive Officer (XO) usually holds the title of either Chief of Operations or Deputy Commander-in-Chief.

Time CO XO
2001-02 James D. West Charles Star
2002-02 Charles Star Robert Seldon
2002-03 Charles Star none
2003-03 Charles Star James D. West
2003-04 James D. West Felicity Dragonetti
2004-05 James D. West Richter Hiron
2005-05 James D. West Jeremiah Griffith
2005-08 Jeremiah Griffith none
2008-09 Jeremiah Griffith Dakota Olvera
2009-10 Jeremiah Griffith Katsuo Hayashi
2010-12 AJ Wheeler Charles Star
2012-14 AJ Wheeler Landon Wakeland
2014-20 AJ Wheeler Rhenora Kaylen
2020-20 James D. West Charles Star
2020-current Charles Star Ken Gillis

Related Groups

The following clubs were founded by members or former members of Independence Fleet.

Group Founded
Nova Fleet 2002
Independence Fleet (2002) 2002
Celestial Fleet 2002
Seventh Fleet (2003) 2003
Far Point Fleet 2004
Pathfinder Alliance 2005
Quicksilver Fleet 2007
Utopia Fleet (2011) 2011
Defiance Fleet 2020

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