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IMVU is a 3D social entertainment client. The name is sometimes regarded as an abbreviation of Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, though this is a user invention. Aside from just being a social network, it also has a large role-playing community, with over ten thousand 3D rooms for this purpose,[1] around fifty thousand role-playing groups on its website[2] and a forum section for role-playing discussion.


One of the major role-playing types used on IMVU is the so-called T1, a turn-based paragraph role-playing style with an elaborate ruleset especially for combat. This makes that despite being chat based, the RP might be very long, depend on the room which you go to.


IMVU has no centralized realm. Because of its structure, putting public 3D chat rooms under the control of one group owner who also decides upon its room moderators, role-plays are not often connected. Many rooms have no realm defined or have their own, personal realm indicated as the place of the RP.


Since every room is made separately, role-players can make rooms in their own favorite genre. This means that a lot of RP genres have been covered by the entirety of the community, including but not limited to medieval, fantasy, vampire and other undead role-play, Naruto, Bleach and other anime role-play, steampunk, Victorian, modern and science fiction role-plays.

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