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This is a custom species of Yatalu and can be read about on this page, on Hvetshran Wiki.

The Hvetshran or the Hvetshran species is a race of demonic creatures whose most important feature is their reptile nature. They are mostly carnivorous, can be active at both day and night and live in clans.


The Hvetshran have two forms, a human and demon form, the latter of which is their natural. The principal difference between these two is the skin, which is standard scaled and often of a dark color.

  • Skin: standard scaled and of any color, the Hvetshran skin can change to a human texture as well; Hvetshran usually have a dark scale color, such as black, dark blue, maroon or jungle green
  • Ears: the hvetshran have pointed ears, like elves
  • Spine: through the skin of their back, there are small spikes on the back of a Hvetshran, aligned in a row
  • Tail: the Hvetshran have a long tail, that is equal length or slightly longer than their legs when stretched out; the small spikes from the spine continue over the length of the tail, to end in a small arrowhead shape


Most Hvetshran live in clans of up to around two hundred members big. However, there are also solitary Hvetshran who often live as nomads, and urban Hvetshran who prefer to stick close to human society. This tribal society has a great influence on the Hvetshran's lifestyle, especially as they have a strong sense of hierarchy.


The Hvetshran species usually speak Hvetshrenu, the Hvetshran language in which they are raised. This is a monosyllabic language aided by gestures and body language, but rather simple grammar. Additionally, they also have a semi-human language called Khujmül. This language is used specifically for clan meetings and other formal situations.


This species has been created by KooriHi on IMVU, an alternate account of Hisao, known as Yatalu on Fandom.