Huzzards  are a race of lizzard humanoids living on the Blue Dwarf, where they evolved over 3 million years from a pet lizard called 'Lindy'[1].


Huzzards appear to be a tribal race of lizard humanoids.  They range in size from 4 ft to 6 ft tall.  Like a large monitor lizard the Huzzard has scaley skin, small serrated teeth and sharp claws on the hands and feet.  Due to their size and build they are about the same strength as a normal human of their size. The clothing Huzzards wear has has some significance to the classes they have within their clans.  The Clans contain warriors, gatherers and a Chief.  The weapons the Huzzards prefer are homemade spears and knifes or what ever melee weapon they managed to find.

Additional Fact


They have their own language which sounds like hissing and croaking noises.  Most of the time it appears that the same word has more than one meaning.


The Huzzards have better than human sences.   Their senses are very similar to a lizards and sometimes better than the average human.  Like any lizard they suffer the effects of being cold blooded and can be paralyzed or killed by exposure to cold weather.


The only recoreded information on Huzzard religion is that at onr time they worshipped the corrupt version of Holly, the AI for the Blue Dwarf, for a long time.


Other than causing trouble for food and territory, little is actually known about where or when the Huzzards set up camp on the Blue Dwarf.  Some believe they were either slave labour or a food source for another race that occupied the Blue Dwarf.


  1. A character called 'Destiny' had a pet lizard in this post: