Academy of Hailon

Academy of Hailon

House of the Fallen is a play-by-post role-playing game on Ongoing Worlds. It revolves around the Academy of Hailon and the life of its students. 

Academy of Hailon

The Academy of Hailon is home to many college students from the local city as well as from outside the city. The Academy caters to all students from average to genius levels as well as outstanding athletes. However, unknown to many of the other students the Academy has a dark secret. Unknown to the students Hailon is also home to several Houses of Devils acting as staff and student members. Each House is a safe haven for Devils and lesser devils as they conduct their daily lives. In order to improve their power level and standing in their House, each lesser devil must make mutual contracts with humans as well as train hard. However, each House is in constant competition with each other for the contracts with the available humans around. To make things worse the Devils and lesser devils have to watch out for attacks from Fallen Angels and Agents of the Church. Even though there is a truce between Heaven and Hell, the Fallen Angels and Agents of the Church still act on their own for personal reasons. In order to blend in with school activities the House members belong to the Occult Research Club to discuss business or assignments. Each lesser devil is a human that is recruited by the Head of the Household if they can be of use. Most lesser devils are humans recruited on their death bed or in desperate need. Though it is rare some lesser devils are half-breeds such as Devil/Human, Fallen Angel/Human, Vampire/Human, Monster/Human and even the rare Angel/Human since they don't fit in anywhere else. All lesser devils will able to use some kind of basic magic as well as a relic (a magical item). Some humans are gifted with a rare Sacred Relics that makes them dangerous to the Fallen Angels so they are often hunted for their Sacred Relics.

Chess Pieces

When the Head of the Household accepts a lesser devil, they are assigned a position as a chess piece. The Head of the House is the King, the Queen is the second in command and very powerful, Knights are typically fast weapon users, Rooks are typically power users, Bishops tend to be weak fighters but strong mages and healers and the Pawns tend to be in the front lines. Pawns automatically gain the spell called: Promotion: Being a Pawn, He or she can use promotion to temporarily gain the traits of a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop once he or she enters enemy territory. Lesser Devils start out either weak or unable to control their power very well due to lack of experience or bad learning habits. Through training and contracts a lesser devil is able to advance in the ranks. Most lesser devils tend to have trouble or dysfunctional personalities since they didn't fit in to well with the normal society such as: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.


The Devils have four main Houses: 

  • House of Grimm
  • House of Phoenix
  • House of Leviathan
  • House of Cerebus

Devils aka Pure-Blood Devils look exactly like humans, albeit with at least one pair of black bat-like wings that can be hidden at will. However, those from the Phoenix family do not have the usual bat wings, instead having eagle-like wings of fire. Female Devils tend to utilize magic in order to appear much younger than their physical age would suggest, which explains they look as if she were the same age forever.

Lesser devils - Most are humans recruited on their death bed or in desperate need. Though it is rare some lesser devils are half-breeds such as Devil/Human, Fallen Angel/Human, Vampire/Human, Monster/Human and even the rare Angel/Human since they don't fit in anywhere else. Half breeds are rarely accepted by anyone but can be found in the ranks of Lesser devils.

Evil Pieces aka Chess Pieces - were created to help replenish the number of Devils after the Great War which had caused the death of countless Devils. While many Devils were able to adapt to the Evil Pieces, only the Old Satan Faction resisted in the usage of the Evil Pieces, believing them to be a disgrace to Devils for reincarnating Humans and other races into Devils. The creation of the Evil Pieces eventually lead to the creation of the Rating Game which is a team challenge in combat to increase ones standing.

King - HighClass Devils with a peerage are given the King Piece. The gender of the King makes no difference.

Queen - Queens are worth 9 Pawns. Queens possess all the characteristics of Rooks, Knights, and Bishops, making them the most balanced piece as well as the most powerful. 

Rook - Rooks are worth 5 Pawns. Rooks gain superhuman strength, leading to high offense and defense. However, they are not very quick, and can get beaten easily by a high-speed opponent. 

Bishop - Bishops are worth 3 Pawns. Bishops gain enhanced magical abilities which they can use to conjure up a multitude of spells (offensive, healing, etc.). However, more powerful spells consume most of their magical power, which takes a long time to regain, forcing them to use their power carefully or risk becoming vulnerable to physical attacks.

Knight - Knights are worth 3 Pawns. Knights gain increased speed and mobility, enabling them to perform high-speed attacks and maneuvers. However, their main weakness is their low defense, making them vulnerable to powerful attacks if they are not careful. Another weakness among knights are their legs; if their legs are injured, their mobility is greatly reduced.

 Pawn - Pawns are worth 1 Pawn each. The traits of Pawns is the ability to promote into a Queen, Rook, Knight, or Bishop in enemy territory or with the permission of their King; however, this method cannot be used in Rating Games.

The Fallen Angels are composed of small or large groups depending on their goal.  Some want war or power or redemption while others just want to be left alone.

Agents of the Church are mainly humans have been known to recruit human/Angel half breeds.  They often work without Vatican approval and sometimes ally with the Fallen Angels once they are excommunicated.

Vampires tend to work in small organized groups to avoid attention.  They tend to infiltrate the government and usually feed on the poor and homeless.  However some radical groups tend to desire power and war so they end up taking on several enemies.

Monsters com in many shapes and sizes and usually can assume a human form to blend in especially if they are half human.  Examples of some monsters include: Fay, Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Lycanthropes, goblins and Sirens.

Half Breeds do happen though it is rare some lesser devils are half-breeds such as Devil/Human, Fallen Angel/Human, Vampire/Human, Monster/Human and even the rare Angel/Human since they don't fit in anywhere else.

Familars are considered as a basic requirement for Devils. They could assist their masters in various tasks, be used for information gathering and relaying messages, as well as perform any other odd jobs that their masters could think of. Some higher level Devils may also possess more than one familiar. Familiars are shown to have different abilities depending on their species.  Most Familiars are used to hand out flyers for contracts, search for missing people, laying traps, creating illusions, protection, transport and basic serving needs. Devils may summon their familiars to them at any given time. On the night of a full moon, Devils will go to a special forest and, with the guidence of familiar Master, capture and bind a familiar they find suitable.

Celestial Familiars come from the Celestial Spirit World. The Celestial Spirit World is the place where all Celestial Spirits spend their time when they are not being called up by their summoners. It is presumably ruled by the Celestial Spirit King. Being in the world seems to have some sort of rejuvenating effect on the spirits, restoring their health after being in the human world which, over long periods of time, can potentially kill the spirit. The reverse is also possible: humans are unable to breathe in their world, so after a period of time, albeit a much shorter one, they would die. One of the places in the Celestial Spirit World is a restaurant where where patrons can see auroras. A human can stay in the Celestial Spirit World for a short time if he or she wears Celestial Spirit clothes. Celestial Spirits include the 12 Zodiac spirits as well as several other minor spirits as well.  It is rare to make a contract with these spirits since the ruins to summon them are hard to find and tend to work for mages.


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