Hope joined Charmed: The Prophecies in 2009, while the community was under the name, Charmed Forever Forums. She served with distinction, eventually rising to became a whitelighter some months later. In February, 2010; Hope was nominated and accepted into the Council of Elders well after the changeover to Charmed: Before the Dawn.

For the period of May, 2011 through September, 2011 - Hope was asked to step in as Chairperson of the Council of Elders when Alice stepped down from the position for a short time, which was a controversial decision due to the fact that Hope was the least experienced member of the Council of Elders. However, during Hope's tenure, she led the community with distinction until she stepped down from the position due to Alice's return.

Hope's duties within the Council of Elders are: Forum Management, Managing Public Relations, as well as serving as a staff of Role Playing, and basic admin duties. She still serves as a respected member of the Council of Elders.