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Hero High is a high school where young super humans are taught how to use their powers. This establishment was created back in the fifties to help super humans learn to control their powers after one to many incidents. Once a child is identified as a super human they are automatically enrolled by the government and travel to school via a flying bus. Hero High is currently a giant floating school powered by very high technology. The staff of Hero High were former heroes that retired and decided to help train the future heroes of tomorrow. However as each new student will come to realize, being a super human is not all it is cracked up to be. Each student still has to deal with making friends, making enemies, dating, awkwardness, puberty, pimples, popularity, bad decisions and of course school work. To make matters worse the school divides the Heroes and Sidekicks based on the type of powers they have. This of course causes Sidekicks to get picked on by the super bullies who like to show off their powers.As each new student comes to realize they will have to deal with one of many flaws they are born with such as bad looks, no charm, bad parenting, low IQ, insecurity, obsessive disorders, ADHD, weak will or just crappy powers. To join in just make a teenager with super powers and at least one major flaw, then choose if they are a Hero, Sidekick or Staff Member.


The characters will consist of High School students, Instructors and the occasional super villain or parent.  Usually the Instructors are NPCs while the students try to deal with teen life and super powers.  However the students and Instructors will vary from Hero, Sidekick and Villain depending on their purpose.  Some students could have power over the elements and some simply glow in the dark or turn into a rubber ball. Sidekicks have the misfortune of a "Useless Power" are later assigned to a Hero since they can't fight crime alone.

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  • Atarishiana Roselia Yua Flinton- Black Angel
  • Sani Blin
  • Zalman Carpenter
  • Grayson Valentine
  • Zachary Bell-Fire Fly
  • Sharona Orpheus-Ghost Princess
  • Dr. Malachi Orpheus
  • Al Chemist
  • Jefferson Starlight
  • Dan Jansen-Disco Flash
  • Principle Linda Carson - Solaris
  • Professor Bruce Campo-Magnanimous
  • Mr. Skip Marsters-Jupiter
  • Moleculo The Molecular Man
  • Tracy Everheart
  • Jenny Fray

Members of Hero who risked their lives to take down Atarishiana Roselia Yua Flinton and Sani Blin as they tried to bomb all worlds historical landmarks. Our entriped heroes traveled to Vegas to Hawaii to England to San Francisco and to France in order to save the day.  Along with the aid of the League of Heroes they were able to reduce the damage of the bombs, disarm the rest of the bombs and aid any victims in the chaos.

Later on, risks are taken when Xi Kai Lai tries to break Atshi out of prison. The school's security forces soon engage, causing havoc to break loose on campus. The golden restraints are strong, but can they hold?

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