Heavens Calamity is a RP fight clan based on chatango. It officially opened its gates to the public on the 4TH of December 2010.

The clan originally was named Starlight (13/02/2007) and was set on taking down various main stream RP clans, they also infiltrated The clan that shared their name and decided to cause trouble in there. When august broke various members of the clan left and some got killed (In chat) and as such the population of Starlight diminished. Eventually they decided to recreate the Clan and open its doors to the public by creating a website on

The current leader of the clan is known as AuricFlash, the owner of Starlight before hand. Auric Flash is known to be very dangerous and is rarely seen to fight for various reasons.

Clan page

Auric Flash has been killed (Sources say it was his Lt who did this) and as such HeavensCalamity does not exist anymore. However there have been rumors of old StarLight members reforming the old clan.

Although rumors state that they may be reforming the clan a new clan named plans on taking down other chatango clans. The members that are know consist of Zero444, Kurosakisen , Gokudeshatobi, and Galacticknight55 theres thought to be more members be these are the only know ones.

There project was said to be started around 2011 but was failed and scrapped again but by changing there accounts and location they were able to comeback.

On the move Zero444 and the rest of his clan members have easily destroyed 3 clans and wiped them off the face of the internet. When they destroy a clan they wipe them off the internet. They are thought to be part of the anonymous hackers because of being able to delete a site. but this seems to only be possible when they destroy a clan. They easily took over the fireclan,moonnightclan, and the shadowmembers clan they are on the move to destroy even more clans and then chatango.

This reign ended when they attracted the attention of more skilled fighters. At the joint effort of Arcadia and TheRougeClan, their leader Zero444 abandoned both his allies and his base, fearing for his life. The only remaining fighter of their clan was Kurosakisen, staying to defend the clan's honor. But being so completely overwhelmed, he was forced to back down, having mercy taken on him by the assaulting groups. In a show of respect, Arcadia offered their hand to the last honorable fighter, even suggesting he join them.