Physical Description

Hanson is tall, slender and usually always smiling, medium length messy hair. He wears ear rings in both ears and a bracelet on his left arm and a ring on his right ring finger he often fiddles with.

Personality & Traits

  • General Overview

Joined name is Varin but not being full trill Hanson has chosen to keep his mothers name. Is addressed as Varin by other trill. Hanson is a little uptight in times of stress. He prefers a lead by example attitude usually leads to him doing it himself. He's still learning to let go and allow himself to trust other people to do their jobs.

Sometimes almost has a vulcanist sense of perfection.

Once his trust is gained you're considered a friend for life and there's almost nothing Hanson wouldn't do for you.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Is a very good on the spot thinker. Prides himself on his ideas/inventions always likes to think outside the box while playing within it.

The ambition of proving his father wrong may lead to some to say his head isn't in the right place all the time. But his attention to detail and perfectionist attitude make him an ideal command officer.

After being joined his personality changed a lot. He became more focused and his leadership ambitions really came to a front.


A dream of his since joining Starfleet was to eventually be on a state of the art ship and be able to use his ideas to better a ship. Becoming an assistant CEO especially at a younger age helped him greatly to prove he had to potential.

He enjoys engineering so much and is a natural born leader but hasn't ever really had a father figure or mentor to point him in the right direction.

Hobbies & Interests

Jaidin spends a lot of his extra time reading on various things from history books to poetry. He has several hockey holo programs and enjoys time just sitting at a desk and playing around with his ship and system designs. A drink enthusiast always tries whatever local alcohol he can get his hands on. Has a decent sized collection he carries with him on ship. Usually becomes good friends with the ships bartenders. By no means abuses it but enjoys a good drink. Refuses anything synthohol.


  • English
  • French
  • Trill
  • Basic Klingon


  • Father Danda Sol.
  • Mother Miranda Savard
  • Brother(s) none
  • Sister(s) none
  • Spouse none
  • Children none
  • Other Family


Hanson is the son of a human architect (Miranda Savard) , and a trill starfleet Admiral Danda Sol. His mother is a building architect who specializes in bringing human touches to off world buildings. His father is a starfleet Admiral and teacher at starfleet academy.

Hanson grew up traveling quite often all though the family home was on earth in Vancouver. He split time traveling with his parents choosing to stay with his mother as of the age of 12. Hanson and his father always seemed to butt heads. His father was a bit of an elitist and the higher he rose through the ranks of starfleet the higher his expectations got for Hanson.

Hanson was originally looking to follow his mothers footsteps and go off to university and enter the civil sector like his mother. His father had different ideas, he knowing better then anyone how to push Hansons' buttons told him he chose that career instead of starfleet because he knew he wouldn't amount to half of his own. This created a huge rift in the family.

Hanson didn't speak to his father for 8 months it wasn't untill Hanson recieved sponsorship to enter starfleet at 17 by his Uncle. His father didn't know this untill he showed up at the academy having dropped his fathers name and going by Savard. He graduated starfleet with majors in quantum engineering and starship design. With a minor in navigation.

Graduated to the ship yards on mars and took and position in the engineering department for 2 years . Worked on several projects and headed many top design ideas. But it got boring quickly sitting behind a desk and asked for a transfer.

USS Hiroshima engineering officer a prototype ship based on a defiant class that he worked on while at the ship yards. His CEO David Harrison became a mentor to Hanson teaching him many important things. He was completely devastated when the ship was ambushed and destroyed. David sacraficed himself to basically hold the ship together long enough for the rest of the crew to escape.

USS Lincoln Hanson accepted a assistant ceo he was on board for 6 months untill a routine away mission turned bad an away team were almost all killed and their ship disabled. One of the away team was Layla Varin a joined trill and the XO of the ship. With the ship being disabled and no way of getting the symbiont to trill in time the captain came looking for a suitable host. The only other trill on board. It was a very dangerous procedure a symbiont had never been transplanted into a half human half trill was given a 50% chance to live the procedure. Something in Hanson just told him he had to do it.

After the procedure and the ship was running again they proceeded to Trill.After 4 months of testing and different procedures Hanson was deemed well enough to keep the symbiont. The Varin symbiont was a relatively young one only having 3 previous lifetimes. Layla the starfleet commander aged 44, Tovin a trill military commander aged 67, and Lima a member of symbiosis commison aged 80.

With new memories in tow Hanson headed back to starfleet. With the new memories Hanson decided for a change of career and applied for a posting as the COO of the USS Tripoli during a battle with the dominion the ship was part of a battle fleet and attacked taking heavy damage almost the entire bridge crew was killed. Hanson took control of the ship and helped the ship to continue in battle. Untill two ships got the upper hand on them and Hanson blacked out.

He woke up in a hospital on earth a month later. He was 1 of 200 survivors on a ship of 400. Apparently he'd managed to give the remainder of the fleet enough time to destroy the other dominion ships and escape the second wave. While he was injured in the hospital he'd been given several awards and accomadations he had no idea what for. He'd had several admirals and officers he had no idea who they were thank or congratulate him. Then his father came in someone he hadn't seen in 3 years, and left him a package and walked out. Hanson opened it . In there was 2 shiny pips. He'd been promoted to captain and become one of the youngest captains in starfleet history.

As soon as he was able to leave the hospital he found out why. His father had put him up for all the promotion and used his pull in starfleet to get it for him. Hanson felt cheated and resigned his commision. He wanted a ship of his own more then anything but refused to accept charity. After 6 months of keeping to himself his Uncle tracked him down and convinced him to not only return to starfleet but prove his father he earned and deserved his commision not got it because of pull at starfleet and because his father didn't want his son to be Operations officer or engineer.

Service Record

Career Overview{| border='1' cellspacing='0'
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
File:004-Cadet1st-Gold.png Cadet 238605.26-238610.08 Mars Ship Yards Engineering Dept
File:01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 238610.08-238611.05 USS Hiroshima Engineering Officer
File:03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant 238611.05-238703.15 USS Lincoln Ast Chief Engineer
File:04-LtCmdr-Gold.png Lieutenant Commander 238806.01-238806.01 USS Tripoli Chief of Operations
File:05-Cmdr-Red.png Commander 238710.03-238807.02 ????? ?????
File:06-Capt-Red.png Captain 238807.02-238808.10 USS Challenger (IDF) Commanding Officer


  • Mars ship yards- Engineering officer- Cadet-2 years
  • USS Hiroshima- Engineering Officer-Ensign-2 years
  • USS Lincoln-Assistant CEO-Lt-6 months
  • USS Tripoli-Chief Operations Officer-Lt-Lt.Cmdr-1 year

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