Character Name
NameHaku Dahkruel Ryojirui Sensation
Species Shinigami
Sex Female
Age 110
Roleplay Information
Name []
Genre Fantasy,Feudal,etc
Type Naruto scene chat,,etc


The Basics

  • Hair:A peachy orange with and underlining of darkness.
  • Eyes:Blue with a lining of light blue.
  • Skin:A pale color.
  • Height:144 cm (4'8½")
  • Weight:33 kg (73 lbs.)

Basic identifying features

Short and petite,Haku is the height of the female shinigami and good friend Kuchiki Rukia.She has pale skin,Blue eyes,and Peach looking hair.Her big brother (Ryu Unou Ryojirui) says that she has a resembles to their mother.Haku usually will have a small bracelet that say's "Always with you." from that of Aizen Sōsuke.


Clothes / Armor

Haku usually wears a standard shinigami and a lieutant badge saying the number "5",She was named in charge of the fifth division after her secret lover (Aizen Sōsuke) left the Soul Society in betrayal and supposedly "killed" Hinamori Momo.At night,she normally wears her hair in a lose ponytail along with a white T-shirt with short's.In gigai,Haku wear's a short sleeve shirt with skinny jeans,and a checkered belt.


  • Her Zanpakutō is Kyōga Suigetsu having a simaliar pronuncation of Kyōka Suigetsu.She is just learning how to use her zanpakutō,She say's she finds it hard to use because Sosuke taught her how to use her zanpakutō.She usually trains with Hisagi Shuhei,Izuru Kira,Or Renji Abarai,she finds them stronger then her but some what weak to her extremely hard kicks and monster punches.


  • Nothing really.



Haku is normally mean to certain people and cold.She gets those traits from her father and brother.She is found also sweet,nice,and adorable from her mother's side of the family,Her sister Sai Ryojirui has most of her traits from her mother.Haku is said from Renji to be a mean and hateful towards him but she thinks of him as a red pinapple headed brother.She is so adorable said from Sosuke and Hitsugaya.


  • She is quite keen of chocolate cake.


  • She really dislikes bein critisized for being pacifist,and being called shorty or cutie.

Marital Status



  • Her older brother Ryu Unou Ryojirui,and younger sister Sai Ryojirui.Haku's mother and father are Katana Ryojirui and Katasho Ryojirui.She was takin into the Sensation family and her brother there is Shade Sensation.She also has two cousin's Katashi Kawamoto along with Ayami Christmas.

Skills and Weaknesses

Physical Strength

Her physical strength is mostly over Ichigo and Renji.She usually will hit them or kick them extremely hard.

Skills and Education

Her skill is combat she perfers combat because she finds it much easyer then using her zanpakutō.


Innocence is her weakness.



Her childhood wasn't all that good actually its was alright,as a child she had to do many chores.Haku hated chores but she did it to keep her family alive and healthy as did her mother.


Not yet revealed.

Current status



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