• has short spikey haire
  • has blue eyes
  • has no muscles
  • is 6,7
  • is 120 pounds
  • has 1 scar over his left eye


Clothes / ArmorEdit

  • gale wears a special armor that helps him in defence he wears assassians gear over that


  • gale carries 2 battle axes that are like bommerangs he also uses magic gale has wings and claws that he can hide and a admantium skeletion gale carries a veriety of weapons dipending on where he is he is also a demi god his powers give him superhuman abilitys


  • gale caries a bag of supplys and a crossbow



gale is tough calm and reliable gale cares about everone he knows evern though he does not show it he is also easly tempered


  • gale likes to fight he also likes his friends and peaple of earth.


  • gale dosent like peaple who attack earth he hates criminals and thugs and his brother who was the 1 who killed there family


Marital StatusEdit

gale is not maried the chaos angels do not belive in marrige gale seems to like his chaos angel friend she knows the rules and stays away from him


  • gales father was a assassian and his mother was a chaos angel he also has a older brother dax who was the one who killed thee parents gale seeks revenge on dax for this

Skills and WeaknessesEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

gale was given god powers so he has superhuman strength speed intelegence and more gale is a master mage and assassian he is alsso a skilled war general gale also has his weapons that were forged by gods to help him

Skills and EducationEdit

 gale was tought at a privite school he was a top student gale also has assassian skills and chaos angel skills he is a good stratigest and master at chess martial arts magic and more



gale was raised to be a warrior he attended school regulearly than trained at the age of 8 gales parents were killed by his brother dax gale continued to train and vowed to kill dax he trained as a assassian and a chaos angel age 11 gale was a master warior and his schools top ranked student gale continued to train and go on missions he learned the ways of magic and martial arts


at age 18 gale became a full member of the chaos angels and assassian order he had a celebation but this celebration was inturupted by dax the 2 started fighting gale easly won the fight and dax retreated at age 21 gale started to have visions of the futre and the past he learned that he was seeing what will happen so he can stop it gale journeyed to the land of zeus and meet the god thee he fought zeus and defeated him zeus rewarded gale with god like abbilitys when he got back he was honoure and made a high general of both orders

Current statusEdit

gale currently journys around the world always looking for adventure he meets many peaple and challenges but he knows he can do anything

OOC InformationEdit