The Galactic Freedom Command (GFC), was a Star Trek sim club.


The first incarnation of GFC was created in 1993 by several roleplayers. Shae Firewalker was the admiral of the fleet for numerous years before it was turned over to another member of the fleet. Admiral FNG was among those who were responsible for continuing the group. As with most groups, the GFC had several ups and downs. In 2003, the GFC was revived by the addition of six games which left SFOL due to creative differences. Admiral Mykal Dar and Colonel Flynn Torve, SFMC worked tirelessly to improve storylines and give members a fun place to roleplay. Within a year, three more games were added to the group and in 2005 they had a total of twelve games. In 2009, the GFC disbanded when Admiral Dar resigned due to personal loss and nobody was able to take over.

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