Gabriel Xavier Wulfe is a Star Trek simmer. He helped establish the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA) in 2000. He previously had served in the United Space Federation (USF). Within the SLA, Wulfe commanded the Starbase 27 sim.

Simming career

In the United Space Federation

The player behind Gabriel Wulfe began simming in 1998 shortly after getting America Online. A Star Trek fan, he sought out the Star Trek chat rooms and soon found the USF, where he joined the USS Potemkin, a Starfleet vessel under the command of Captain Sierra M'Hawarr Kuei'Shen, as a Human security officer with the rank of ensign. The player also joined another USF sim, the USS Hermes, as a Bolian medical officer named Aido Rixx.

The Potemkin was an Akira-class vessel with the registry number NCC-76927-C. At the time, the Potemkin characters were simming alternate characters at Outpost Sarajevo. Wulfe established himself as a capable security officer — he began rising through the ranks, acquiring additional duties and the respect of his fellow simmers. When the crew resumed play on the Potemkin, Wulfe transferred his character aboard and soon became chief of security of the Starfleet vessel.

On November 4, 1999, just about two years to the date of first taking the commanding officer (CO) role of the Potemkin, Captain Sierra decided to step aside and passed command to Captain Christiaan Back (aka Seth Cotis). Wulfe rose to the rank of lieutenant commander and served two terms as second officer. Wulfe was known for his numerous personal logs, often with story arcs spanning several chapters; as such, he was given the Potemkin's Duty Fulfillment Medallion and Absolute Duties Award several times for going above and beyond the duty log requirement.

In 2000, Sierra and Wulfe's player (playing as a Vulcan Starfleet commander, Sorik) launched the Starfleet Academy sim. Sierra later stepped down from commanding Starfleet Academy; her choice for the sim's next CO was Wulfe (still portraying Sorik).

In the Starfleet Legacy Alliance

After growing frustration with the leadership of the USF, four USF sim hosts — Sierra, Cotis, Keldar, Bjorn and Wulfe — split off on October 1, 2000, to create the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA). The first sims of the SLA consisted of the ones created by or heavily influenced by Sierra — USS Potemkin, Starfleet Academy and Outpost Cousteau. Wulfe utilized the character of Admiral Rixx for his administrative roles/duties within the SLA (including managing the SLA e-newsletter for a time).

Eventually, due to time constraints, Wulfe (as the Vulcan commander) decided to step down as CO of Starfleet Academy. General Zella O'Keefe Adonis became the new commanding officer.

In 2001, the SLA joined the Simming League, a collection of online sim groups gathered for peaceful communication and assistance.

In 2002, Starbase 27 launched as a new SLA sim, with Captain Christiaan Back as commanding officer and Commander Wulfe as first officer. Set aboard the abandoned Cardassian station, Empok Nor, during the Reconstruction Era following the Dominion War, Starbase 27 served as the focal point for exploration and defense in the Trivas Sector, as well as the primary source of Starfleet assistance to the beleaguered Cardassian Union (who had ongoing tensions with an untrustworthy race called the Lorta).

The Starfleet vessel, USS Excelsior, was assigned to the starbase for investigative and defensive missions in the Trivas Sector. After the Excelsior's destruction, the USS Saragossa, a modified Intrepid-class starship, was assigned to the station.

Captain Back eventually departed the sim; Wulfe was promoted to captain and commanding officer of the starbase in summer of 2002. During Wulfe's tenure as captain, the starbase crew was drawn into the Cardassian-Lorta conflict and encountered and fought the dreaded Vo, a powerful race from the mysterious Namkrow Fist Nebula (near the galaxy's core) that punished and/or eradicated races (such as the Tanolians and the Keltarans) who did not pledge obedience or somehow displeased them.

In the summer of 2003, Wulfe decided to "retire" from leadership duties with the SLA and stepped down as commanding officer of Starbase 27. (Wulfe's Admiral Rixx character also "retired" from the SLA). Wulfe's departure came with his "Heart of the Wulfe" log series, in which Wulfe is forced to kill his brainwashed son, Joshua, before the boy can assassinate a Romulan ambassador. Commander Alexander Rexan was promoted to captain and became commanding officer of the starbase.

After several years away from simming, Wulfe returned for a period, beginning in March 2008. He first returned to Starbase 27 for the departure of Cpt. Rexan, who stepped down as CO of the SLA sim. While the character of Wulfe remained "retired," his player created new character with another SLA sim—the USS Lionheart.

Character Bio

Wulfe was half Irish and half Cherokee, and many of his writings explored his Native American ancestry and culture. He was often undertaking vision questions and consulting with his spirit guide for advice and answers to many of his internal and external issues.

Wulfe eventually married Counselor Brandy McKoye and adopted a 10-year-old boy, Joshua, who was the son of Wulfe's evil twin from the Mirror Universe. In a tragic turn of events, Wulfe was later forced to kill a braindwashed Joshua before the boy could assisinate a Romulan dignitary aboard Starbase 27.

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