Fool’s Paradise is the picturesque and beautiful planet that the Dwarfers discovered while looking for some rest and relaxation from their adventures in deep space.
Fools Paradise

Fool’s Paradise


Dotted across the planet were strange and ominous structures, most notably pyramids. What also seemed to be common were increasingly vivid illusions that seemed to draw upon the Dwarfer’s deepest fears. Because of this, what were genuine encounters based on reality and what were figments of imagination remain uncertain (Plisken claimed the planet was alive, and that the rock grew back when chipped away and also that the trees were sentient and protected Plisken and Phi as they explored the forest).

The native inhabitants seemed to be a race known as the Gibbles, as well as various alien animals that populated the forests. Though strangely, no fish.

Other inhabitants include a number of Monee Frogks that lived in the pyramids of the planet, and the cyborgs that served them. The trees of the forests could also be counted though, as previously stated, this may have been an illusion. 

The Pyramids of Paradise

What the Monee Frogks found were powerful psychic weaponry that could bring out the biggest fears of the target and make them ‘real’, reducing them to emotional wrecks and destroying them. Housed within the strange pyramids that dotted the world, the psychic weaponry was to be the eventual downfall of the Monee Frogks themselves, though that would come later.

The Monee Frogks discovered that the pyramids, and psychic technology, were the design of Humanity, or ‘Ancients’, and that the corpses of the original occupants of the bases still remained, their cause of death unknown. Hoping to unlock the secrets of the weapons, which could only be accessed by a registered human, the Monee Frogks created cyborgs from the dead, re-animating them. This failed and they would need genuine ‘Ancients’ to active the weapons. That was when the Dwarfers arrived.

Determined to clone the ‘Ancients’ and create an army that could use the powerful weapons, the Monee Frogks abushed and captured the Dwarfers. Their DNA, or ‘life code’, was extracted in preparation for cloning.  However, the Dwarfers escaped before anything could be done and, using the psychic grid that covered the planet, Cass killed the Monee Frogks in revenge for Phi’s death at their hands. Plisken later brings the cyborgs to the Dwarf to rescue them from despair.

Races Found on the Planet


Monee Frogks

Delphine 'Phi' Moreau Deceased on Fool’s Paradise