A firearm is a portable Gun that can fire one or more projectiles from a usually metal barrel, often propelled by gunpowder. Firearms are also referred to as small arms when they intended primarily for military use.

Modern types of firearms



A handgun is the smallest type of firearm and is rather accurate. Nearly all handguns can be used with only one hand and, therefore, can easily be dual-wielded. Most handguns are semi-automatic and have low recoil, but some can be fully automatic.


Submachine gun

A submachine gun is a small to medium-sized weapon. It is always fully-automatic, and fires the same cartridge as a handgun. Because of this, it isn't highly accurate, especially in the case of longer range (50m or more). Some submachine guns can be dual wielded.

Assault rifle

Assault Rifle
An assault rifle is a versatile firearm, being able to have multiple fire modes and support for multiple attachments such as scopes, grips or even grenade launchers. Most assault rifles are fully automatic, but can be semi-automatic or burst fire. Some are able to freely switch between multiple modes of fire. Because assault rifles are heavier than sub-machine guns, the recoil caused by automatic fire isn't as severe, making assault rifles accurate and effective over all but long range combat.


There are a wide variety of different shotguns: most are pump action, but can be semi-automatic or even fully automatic and some can have lever action. Most shotguns fire 12-gauge shells which launch multiple projectiles in a spread, making them deadly in short range but nearly ineffective at medium to long range. Shotguns can be effective at longer ranges if loaded with "slug rounds"; shells that are loaded with one large projectile, making for a more accurate, longer range shot.

Sniper rifle

Sniper Rifle
A sniper rifle is a highly accurate, long range rifle. It uses high caliber rounds for maximum stopping power. Sniper rifles can be bolt action or semi-automatic and are commonly seen with a scope, but can be used with other sights. Sniper rifles are heavier than most firearms and are difficult to use at short to medium range, but excel in long range combat.

Light machine gun

Light Machine Gun
A light machine gun is a heavy weapon with a large magazine. Some light machine guns hold more that 100 bullets, and have high rates of fire. A light machine gun is heavy, but very dangerous at any range.
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