The Federation Special Forces Fleet (FSFF) was a Star Trek chat based sim group that existed on America Online in the mid 1990s.


The FSFF was created by Joe Ferguson during the booming days of 'on the fly live simming' in the mid 1990s when one could be sitting in The Bridge chat room on America Online and someone could come in and say "Anyone want to sim? IM me." and then a group of people would get together in a chat room somewhere and sim and then be on their way. Utilizing this technique, Joe recruited a core set of players and established the USS Venture, which quickly evolved into the USS Lexic. Soon after, a second sim, the USS Freedom was launched. With two sims, Joe organized the FSFF to manage both.

The FSFF merged into the Federation Sim Fleet in early 1997 as a sub-fleet carrying the same name as their group. A few months into admission the FSFF withdrew its merge from the FSF; only to merge once again several months later as the FSF Psicron Fleet.

Known Sims