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FSF Rebel is an American Star Trek role-player from Federation Sim Fleet who started role-playing in the early 2000s.


Name: Allissa Martine Black
Age: 26 years old
Location: New jersey


I was introduced to Star Trek in 2001, when a dearly departed friend got me started in another fleet. I loved Star Trek and it gave me a great opportunity to re-aquaint myself with what I loved as a child. I love TOS and Voyager best because Janeway gave women hope for command. I also like Star Wars and other forms of fantasy role playing.

Role-playing career

My first sample of simming occurred almost five years ago as a member of the SFC simming group. I became disillusioned with them when they kept command to a select group of hosts and didn't allow other players to excel. I was then introduced to the FSF through three people two of whom are still with the group. I have simmed as a member of the USS Coeus, USS Stargazer, USS Atlantis, USS Deliverance, USS John C. Stennis and The Maquis Resistance. I was asked if I was interested in co-hosting the Maquis by FSF Seth. At that time I wasn't a host. I applied and was accepted on Dec. 30, 2003 at which time I became FSF Rebel, a fitting name I thought as I was co-leading a band of Rebels. While I do host in another fleet as well and sim in yet another, Alpha Fleet will always be my first home.

Current Assignments

Sim Assignments