FSF Hawg is a Star Trek and Firefly simmer who served in Spacefleet Online (SFOL) and the Federation Sim Fleet (FSF). From 2006 to 2012 he served as the commanding officer of the FSF's Space Fleet.


Hawg began simming when he joined Starfleet Online (later Spacefleet Online) on America Online on September 8, 1991. He served as a sim host in SFOL from October 18, 1993 to ca 1996. He later joined the Federation Sim Fleet on June 7, 2005 and became a sim host in the club on August 4 of that year. In October, he was made the executive officer of the FSF's Gamma Fleet. In October 2006, he was promoted, becoming the commanding officer of the FSF's Space Fleet, a position he held until 2012.

Administrative Roles


Fleet Position Dates
Federation Sim Fleet Boards Director 11/2005 - current


Fleet Position Dates
FSF Space Fleet Commanding Officer 10/2006 - ca 2012
FSF Gamma Fleet Executive Officer 10/2005 - 10/2006

Simming Roles


Org Sim Name Dates Rank Name Position
FSF USS Exeter  ??/???? - current Cmdr Bob Petrino Executive Officer


Org Sim Name Dates Rank Name Position
SFOL USS Yorktown 09/1991 - ??/???? Ltjg ME ASEC
SFOL USS Federation  ??/???? - ??/???? Cmdr ME CSEC
SFOL USS Phoenix  ??/???? - ??/???? Cmdr ME Executive Officer
SFOL QI'tu'  ??/???? - ??/???? HoD (Capt) Mek Commanding Officer
FSF FSF USS Stargazer (SFOL)  ??/???? - ??/???? LtCdr Hawg CSEC
FSF USS Exeter  ??/???? - ??/???? Cmdr Tosk Executive Officer
FSF USS Exeter  ??/???? - ??/???? Cmdr Barak of the house Kadan Executive Officer
FSF Outpost 221  ??/???? - ??/???? Lt Qa'chu Klasq Strategic Operations
FSF USS Pegasus  ??/???? - ??/???? Ens Matt Dixon ASEC
FSF Firefly: Objects In Space  ??/???? - ??/???? N/A Deron Maxton Bonifate/Captain
FSF Firefly: Objects In Space  ??/???? - ??/???? N/A Anthony Vox Bonifate/Gun For Hire
FSF Star Trek: Project Origin  ??/???? - ??/???? ra'wI (Cmdr) Mek'tor of the house Klorgh CSEC