FSF Falk is a Star Trek simmer with Federation Sim Fleet.


Name: Kent
Date of Birth: 1983
Location: The Frozen North
Started Simming: 1996
Joined the FSF: August 2004
Hired in FSF:


He currently works for the US Dept of Agriculture. No, not inspecting meat. Graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Crop and Soil Science, and a degree in Environmental GeoSciences. If he's not online, he can be found milling about the town he currently resides in, or if it's summertime, find a National Park out west, but don't expect to find him, as he'll be somewhere in the backcountry, hiking. "Basecamp, who needs a stinking basecamp? Give me my backpack and let me pack it for a week!"

He just recently became engaged IRL to FSF Margo, with a wedding date planned for July 2008.

Simming History

FSF Falk first came into simming around 1996, on an AOL based Star Wars Simulation. From there, he wandered around, until he found the Federation Sim Group in late '96, joining as an Chief of Operations on the USS Discova. From there, he moved on to be its XO if the Discova, then became CO of seaQuest:2039, which he ran until mid 2003. During this time, Falk was the Vice President of FSG during 1999, and in 2000, held the IRC Division Manager position for the group. Much internal squabbling occurred during his time as the DM, and shortly after the election in 2001, he decided that FSG had lost site of its original intentions, and thus split from the group.

In 2003, he nearly left simming completely, except for a few e-mail sims. Graduating from Michigan State University was a priorty to him, and he did not want to invest too much time into simming. Also a factor (but much less) was trying to distance himself from his ex-girlfriend, who he met through simming. After graduating, he tried to resurface seaQuest in early 2004, but it never got very far. Sometime around August 2004, he wandered into the Federation Sim Fleet, and joined the Epsilon Station. In early 2005, he joined the USS Deliverance, and just recently, became a co-host of Stargate: SG-10. In January 2006, he took over as GM1 of Stargate: SG-10, creating it into a well rounded, well respected Stargate game within the Federation Sim Fleet. He took over in May off 2007 as GM1 of the USS Deliverance.

In September 2006, he became the Omega Fleet Executive Officer under FSF MikeM. In January, Mike had to resign from simming due to heavy school workload, and Falk became the Fleet Commanding Officer, which he holds to this day.


Administrative Roles


Organization Position Started
Omega Fleet Commanding Officer


Organization Position Started
Omega Fleet Executive Officer

Role Playing Roles


Organization Sim Name Joined Rank Name Position
FSF Stargate: SG-10  ???? Commander Jeremy Wilson XO
FSF Epsilon Station  ???? Lieutenant Karina Chief Engineer
FSF USS Deliverance  ???? Ensign Faolin O'Callaghan Chief of Operations
FSF USS Deliverance  ???? Captain Rob Falkla CO
FSF SMFC: Angels of Death  ???? Lieutenant Colonel Gunther Klesko Base Commander


Organization Sim Name Years Rank Name Position
FSG seaQuest:2036 Commodore Manfred Falkla CO
FSG USS Discova Commander Robert Falkla XO
FSG USS Challenger Robert Falkla XO
FSG Starfleet Secret Operations
FSG Star Wars Simulation Grand Moff Var Kellan
FSG EAS New Acolyte Lieutenant Farrell O'Leary Starfury Pilot
 ??? USS Atlantis Commander Harm Tillion Chief Counselor

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