Name: Jonathan Harmon
Date of Birth: 1986
Location: Sunny Southern California
Started Simming: 2001
Joined the FSF: 2001
Hired in FSF 2005 (First Time) 2012 (Second Time)


Jon started simming back in 2001 when he was searching for new Star Trek PC games, and stumbled into the FSF. He started out on the USS Galtuch under FSF Brad and FSF Jenna. He was quickly bitten by the bug, and soon after joined the USS Liberty under FSF Justin, and the USS Stargazer under FSF Truce and FSF Duke. He continued in these games and expanded into a couple others for a time until his Real life schedule prevented him from attending his games. It was then that he was introduced to Post by E-Mail (PBEM) and later, Message Board games. In 2005, he decided to try his hand at hosting, and after completing training, took the name FSF Dragon. He started out with the USS Endevour, and soon expanded to a couple other games.

Almost 2 years later, he decided to join the Air Force, and resigned from the FSF, as he wasn’t sure how long he’d be away. It took almost another year before he returned as a member, and started back where he left off, joining a few Message Board and PBEM games. During this time, he re-launched an independent game he’d had before called the USS Ghost Rider, and it excelled for a time. It eventually lost part of the GM staff, and slowly faded away again. Eventually, around 2011, it was again re-launched as an independent game, which eventually merged into the FSF as a guild sim. The game remained in the guilds for a time until FSF Esrom, the Alpha Fleet CO, decided it could do well as a full game in Alpha Fleet .

For the second time in his life, Jon took on the Host Hiring Board, and reclaimed his name FSF Dragon. It took some time to get his co-host through the board and training, so he sought to take on a second game, the USS Firewall, a game he’d been a member on for almost 6 years, which he knew had been struggling. He’d managed to keep it afloat and soon was hosting both it and the USS Ghost Rider.

He’d yet to make it out of probation when the FSF found it’s self in need of a Temporary Training Director. As nobody else volunteered, he decided to offer to hold down the position till someone else took over. As they had a couple Host Candidates in the pipeline, the FSF Administration agreed, and FSF Dragon became the Temporary Training Director. A similar situation soon found him as the Temporary Boards Director. Eventually the time came to choose between the position, and FSF Dragon chose to stick with the Boards Director Position, turning the Training Director position over to FSF Lynx, who’d agreed to be his Assistant Training Director.

He’d barely made it past probation, when a new challenge appeared, he was asked by FSF Falk if he’d be interested in interviewing for the Delta Fleet Executive Officer Position. After some consideration, he agreed, and after an interview, he was nominated for the position, and his nomination went up before Fleet Command. It was approved, and FSF Dragon now found himself a rather green member of Fleet Command.

As time passed, things around the group changed, and Admiral Shuni decided to take a bit more of a back seat roll. FSF Titan became the new FSF Commanding Officer, and FSF Falk, the new Executive Officer, leaving the Delta Fleet Commanding Officer position open. After some discussion in Admin, it was decided that FSF Dragon was ready to take on a Fleet of his own. He was assigned as Delta Fleet Commanding Officer.

FSF Dragon was now running a Fleet, keeping up with the Boards, and hosting the USS Ghost Rider, and the USS Firewall. But he wasn’t ready to just sit back and cruise, he pitched an idea to FSF Ward, and they started work on a new type of sim, something that would incorporate not only the usual elements of Message Board simming, but would add in an economy, and a leveling/XP system. They’d been working on the idea for a few months when they realized that Trek wasn’t the place for this, and decided to move it to the Mass Effect universe. Soon after the name Mass Effect: Paradise Lost was born. They continued to work on the idea, and it was eventually proposed to the Administration as a new sim. It was approved, and they began work on the final preparations. It was launched a few weeks later in November of 2013, and a new genre for the FSF was born.

FSF Dragon continues to hold his position of host of the USS Firewall, USS Ghost Rider, and Mass Effect: Paradise Lost, as well as his position of Delta Fleet Commanding Officer, and Boards Director to this day.


Administrative Roles


Organization Position Started
Delta Fleet Commanding Officer 08/01/2013


Organization Position Started
Delta Fleet Executive Officer 02/07/2013

Role Playing Roles


Organization Sim Name Joined Rank Name Position
FSF Mass Effect: Paradise Lost 11/07/2013 N/A Arana T'Sanni Asari Adept
FSF USS Firewall 09/12/2005 Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Harmon Commanding Officer
FSF USS Ghost Rider 01/23/2011 Major General Jonathan Abaddon Carrier Striker Group 7 - Fleet Commander
FSF USS Ghost Rider 07/01/2012 N/A Hope Shipboard A.I.


Organization Sim Name Years Rank Name Position
FSF USS Phoenix 2012 - 2013 1st Lieutenant Alexander Gibbs Fighter Squadron Leader
FSF USS Cadecus 2010 - 2013 Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Harmon Combat Rescue Officer / Marine Commanding Officer
FSF Star Trek: Project Origin 2012 - 2013 Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Harmon Chief Engineer
FSF USS Magistrate 2007, 2010 - 2011 Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Harmon Marine Commanding Officer
FSF Star Fleet: Delta 2010 2nd Lieutenant Mackenzie Harmon Marine
FSF USS Endevour 2005 - 2010 Commander Mackenzie Harmon Executive Officer
FSF Birth of the Federation 2009 - 2010 Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jonathan Harmon Security Officer
FSF UES Columbia 2005 - 2006 Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jonathan Harmon Security Officer
FSF Starbase Adelphi 2008 - 2009 Civ. Jonathan Harmon Trader
FSF Stargate: SG-3 2007 - 2009 1st Lieutenant Jonathan Mackenzie Harmon Combat Rescue Officer
FSF Dark Falls 2007 Civ. Jonathan Markas Harmon  ????
FSF USS Galtuch 2001 - 2005 Lieutenat Mitchell Harmon Helm Officer
FSF USS Galtuch 2006 Captain Jonathan Mackenzie Harmon Marine
FSF Star Wars: Relentless 2006 Civ. Jonathan Mackenzie Harmon Freelancer
FSF USS Alceste 2006 Ensign Jonathan M. Harmon Security Officer
FSF ISS Tyranny 2005 - 2005 Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jonathan "Dragon" Harmon Assistant Security Officer
FSF Dark Frontier 2004 - 2005 Captain Jonathan Mackenzie Harmon Marine
FSF USS Vastitude 2002 - 2004 Lieutenant Mack Harmon Security Officer
FSF USS Stargazer 2001 - 2004 Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Mack Harmon Assistant Security Officer
FSF USS Liberty 2001 - 2003 Lieutenant Mitchell Harmon Helm Officer

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