FSF Blitz is a Star Trek simmer with the Federation Sim Fleet.

Simming History

FSF Blitz started simming in May of 2003 with the Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF), where he honed his skills simming and began serving as a Game Master on October, 14, 2005. About a year beginning simming, in July of 2004, Blitz was referred to the Federation Sim Fleet (FSF), but couldn't join any sims there in the beginning to due to time constraints. Two months later though, Blitz took the plunge, so to speak, and joined two sims in the FSF, the RSE Ascension and the USS Aquinas.

Over the year, Blitz joined three more sims in the FSF and in September of 2005 began his host training, becoming a hired member of the FSF hosting staff on the October, 27, 2005. Blitz served as the Executive Officer of the RSE Ascension with FSF Nefarious until January, 2006. In January of 2006, after the disbanding of the Ascension, Blitz was chosen to temporarily host the Starbase 254 simulation, with FSF Goran where he served until the 8th of June, when FSF Will took over as permanent XO.

Immediately afterwards, Blitz was chosen to co-host the USS Magistrate simulation with FSF Perez and FSF Bauer on June 9, and the USS Noralus on June 15, with FSF Josh. The Noralus, an Omega Fleet sim is the first non Alpha Fleet sim he hosted.



Organization Sim Name Years Rank Name Position
FSF USS Magistrate 06/09/06 - Present Commander Saroth 2XO
FSF USS Noralus 06/15/06 - Present Commander S'Sbienn XO


Organization Sim Name Years Rank Name Position
FSF RSE Ascension (FSF) 10/27/05 - 01/2006 Major Sesshmaru S'Bien XO
FSF Starbase 254 01/03/06 - 06/08/06 Lieutenant Mireille Bellamont CMO