"Get ready! Ready or not here I come!"

 Erika Blood is a teenage girl whose a Demon Warrior.


Erika is a very serious girl who never smiles or laughs. Ever since her mother and father died, she and her twin siater decided that they needed to move out of the human world, since the humans are dangerous.


Yuki Blood- Erika's twin sister. She respects her and takes care of her when she gets sick or hurt. She cares deeply for her sister and always looks out for her.

Koyuki Blood- Erika's mother. She cares deeply for her. Everyday, Erika goes outside to pick flowers to surprise her mother.

Luka Blood- Erika's father. She loves to listen to him play the piano everyday.


Erika has black hair with red die color tips on her hair. She has red eyes as well. She wears a white shirt with black colors on top, black shorts with a white belt, black sharp/spike heeled boots, and a black jacket with white stripes. Her hands aren't normal. She has sharp demon hands which are black. She also has horns on top of her head.


Erika has a long demon sword that has the power to defeat any hatred towards the humans.


Burning Flame- Erika pulls out her sword and holds it close to her, then she says (" Flame on!") The sword glows up. She then holds the sword out in front of her. Then, she flings her left arm towards her right shoulder, then with her sharp finger, she cuts herself. Burst of fire comes out of her shoulder and it forms around her. She then, with both hands, slams her sword to the ground. Her sword gets set on red fire while it glows. She grabs her sword with her right hand, then with her left, she raised her arm then shouts (" BURNING FLAME! I COMMAND YOU TO RISE!") Flames rose, and her eyes glows red with fire. She grabs her sword and with force of speed, she throws her sword at her enemies, setting them on fire with her flames.


Erika, Yuki, and their parents, Koyuki and Luke were walking together, to set up their picnic in the woods, when they heard a gunshot coming up from behind them. They were going to turn around, when they saw Luke collaspe to the ground. Koyuki screamed in terror then dropped to her knees. Then, thousands of people came running with weapons. Erika and Yuki took out their swords and their mother took out her bow abd arrow. Koyuki was about to fling her arrow at the shooter, but it was too late. She too got shot in the stomach. Thecgirls watched as their mother collaspes to the ground. Suddenly, Erika felt a hand grab her on the leg. She looked down and saw that her father was a little fading away. With his last breath, he told Erika to look after her sister and that they will always love them. The girls watched as their parents faded away with glitter and shards of glass. Erika got angry and so did Yuki. The girls turned to face the thousands of humans with hatred in their eyes. Erika looked at Yuki with positive expression on her face. Yuki looked at Erika with tears in her eyes. Erika pulled her sister close to her for a hug while kissing her on the forhead. Yuki smiled and felt her heart skip beats. Erika still hugging Yuki, looked at the people with weapons. Erika asked Yuki if she wants to combine their powers together to defeat the human beings to which Yuki smiled and agreed. The girls let go of eachother, and took out their swords. They created their power together with strong force and created a dark magic force. They ran toeards the humans, then with force of their speed, they fling their swords at the enemies and won the battle. They ran away into the forest and found an abandoned castle there. There, the girls lived happily in there new home. They soon fell in love with eachother abd got married. ( Rumors around human worlds wonder who defeated them and where are they living.)


Erika is the oldest in her family

She deeply is in love with her sister

She can sometimes be nice.

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