Erik Nighthawk (also known as FSF Aries) is a Simming Prize Laureate and former Star Trek simmer.


United Simulations Network

Erik joined America Online in 1996 and later became the administrator of a uselist-based sim group. Three years later, with Seth Transon, he formed the United Simulations Network (USN), a small sim group that, in Erik's words "grew quickly. Too quickly." The USN ballooned from from 3 sims in 2000 to 13 sims by the fall of 2001, only to quickly collapsed under its own weight. The USN limped along with two sims until it disbanded in 2003.

Simming League

Erik represented the USN in the Simming League and served one term as the President of the League, from March to September 2001. During his term, and largely due to Erik's efforts, the Starfleet Legacy Alliance joined the League. Towards the end of his term, tensions within the League between its two dominate powers - Trek Online and the Federation Sim Fleet threatened to split the organization. Erik was able to calm tensions; for helping to maintain the unity of the League, Erik received the Simming Prize.

Federation Sim Fleet

Erik later joined the Federation Sim Fleet, where he served as a sim host. He retired from simming in 2005, and requested that he be remembered as, "mostly harmless."