An Enhanced sim (also known as a Multimedia sim or Simming 2.0) is a term used to describe a sim that supplements its traditional text based environment with graphics, sounds, or other forms of media.


The goal of an enhanced sim is to provide a more immersive simming experience.

Common features

Common features of an enhanced sim include music, sound effects, graphics, and video. These can be played during the course of the sim (for a chat sim), or imbedded in a post (for a message board or play-by-e-mail sim).


During the 1990s, sim clubs such as Star Trek Sims and Trek Online provided their members sound files, which were then played during the course of a chat sim (such as a red alert klaxon, sound of phasers firing, etc). In the mid 2000s sims, Verak Nor used Shoutcast to set up a live internet radio station that crew members tuned into during the course of the chat sim to hear music and sound effects that occurred in sync with what was happening in the chat room; Brad Levinson of Verak Nor termed this as Simming 2.0.