Full Name: Elliot Benjamin Bell-Krasner
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 233308.30
Place of Birth: Earth, North America, Boston
Current Assignment: President of the United Federation of Planets
Assumed Office: January 20, 2387
Preceeded By: Min Zife


Previous Assignment Commanding Officer, U.S.S Independence
Successor: Rear Admiral Thomas Barrett

Elliot Benjamin Bell-Krasner is a retired Star Trek simmer.  He served as the commanding officer of the USS Independence in the Federation Sim Fleet in the mid 2000s.

In-character History

Elliot Benjamin Bell-Krasner was the President of the United Federation of Planets. He was elected in 2386 after having served for nearly 9 years as the commanding officer of the USS Independence He was the CO as the ship's Captain from stardate 237506.06 to 238701.01 with an interruption from stardate 237509.17 - 237602.15 during which time he was MIA and presumed dead. He was also the second commanding officer of the U.S.S Cartier NCC-94093 from stardate 237501.16 - 237504.06. His wife is Captain Julie Goldman (233505.11 - Present). The couple have a son Steven Goldman-Krasner (237011.08 - Present)


Bell-Krasner was born on stardate 233308.30 on Earth in the city of Boston to Dr. Jay Krasner (230901.25 - Present) and Lt. Commander Sharon Bell (231103.02 -). He was named for one of his ancestors the original Elliot Bell-Krasner who was the 49th President of the United States of America (2029 - 2037). Bell-Krasner's childhood was not easy. Since the age of 5 he was pressured by both his father and mother to go to Starfleet academy. Instead of playing with his friends he spent most his days studying to be in command of a starship. His father took him on many of his missions and even allowed him to assist him in his work. However, all of this helped him to develop a very unique talent for getting the job done. Whenever his father asked him to do a task he would do it not just quickly but effectively as well. Many of Dr. Krasner’s own colleagues were amazed at how quickly he could write a paper or read a book. While other kids were reading the story of “Toby the Targ,” Bell-Krasner was becoming an expert at how a warp core was run. His favorite book was one his father gave to him at the age of 12. “Leonard McCoy’s Comparative Alien Xenobiology.” The advice his father often gave was “words are cheap, actions are what really matter.” Bell-Krasner spent his entire childhood trying to follow that and decided that the best way for him to do so was to someday become a starship captain. During his teen years Bell-Krasner trained extremely hard for the academy which often caused him to be anti social. He would often reject offers from his friends to go out to dinner or have some fun on the holodeck. However, all of that changed when Bell-Krasner met his first love, Lauren Mitchell

Starfleet Academy

During his first year at the academy Bell-Krasner saved two cadets when a malfunction caused the holodeck safeties to turn off leaving his companions at the mercy of two now dangerous Romulan holograms. He managed to disrupt their programs with a modified phaser before they could shoot his companions. He received high praise both from his professors and the commandant of the academy who would later say that Bell-Krasner was "A very brave young man who has quite a work ethic." But Bell-Krasner encountered some hardships during his second year at the academy. During a training simulation in early 2352 he knocked out weapons, shields and warp drive by blowing out more than a dozen plasma conduits while trying to fix an engineering malfunction. He was extremely upset at himself. That same year he almost lost his Starfleet career and his life when he offended a visiting Bolian ambassador when he spilled Bolian style tomato soup on his clothing. The ambassador angrily lunged at him and Bell-Krasner, in his fear fell off the balcony adjacent to the dining room. He would have fallen to his death but he managed to just grab hold of a ledge and pull himself up into none other than the commandants offices. As punishment Bell-Krasner was ordered to write a full apology to the ambassador. Then he suffered his worst blow. His girlfriend Lauren, the one person who had brought him true happiness during his teen years was killed in a shuttle accident. Bell-Krasner was completely devastated and even thought about quitting the academy. He did not leave his dorm room for almost two weeks which caused all of his professors and even the commandant to worry about him. To help him cope with his loss he spent many intense sessions with the academies counselor Meghan Jenzo. Jenzo helped Bell-Krasner to find himself again and after nearly two months Bell-Krasner returned to his academy training. All of his fellow cadets were very supportive but although loosing Lauren had affected him emotionally it did not affect his performance. During his third year at the academy while doing another holodeck training simulation he managed to disable a bomb and then get to his post at tactical to disable several enemy vessels. Bell-Krasner graduated the academy at the top of his class in 2355 and gave the commencement address. He told his peers that they should not allow work to consume them because it would distract them from what was truly important. Then in a very emotional part of the speech he made a reference to Lauren, and told his classmates that if it hadnt have been for her he would have never become the person that he was.

Early Starfleet Career

After Bell-Krasner graduated the academy he was assigned to Starbase 86. He found it boring at best and wanted to be on a starship and continue his dream of one day becoming a starship captain. He felt severely under challenged and began to think that his father would be disappointed in him if he didn't do something to continue with his dream. But Bell-Krasner made the most of his year on the starbase keeping it safe for all its visitors. His only real accomplishment while on the starbase was helping the Chief Engineer and Chief Tactical Officer develop a new system which would allow the starbase to detect cloaked vessels from 500 meters out. In 2356 he requested and was granted a post on the U.S.S Resilant as an Assistant Engineering Officer In 2357 Bell-Krasner once again met a woman who would change his life. While walking to his office one day Bell-Krasner accidentally bumped into Lt. Julie Goldman and knocked her down along with a bottle of an 20th century wine from the turn of the new millennium. He managed to grab the bottle just as it was about to smash to the floor and loosing his balance fell on top of Lt. Goldman. It seemed strange but just a week later Bell-Krasner and Goldman were sharing the wine in her quarters. They began dating and in a personal log written just weeks after they had met Bell-Krasner wrote, "This woman, she reminds me so much of Lauren and eases my pain." In 2359 he saved the Resilants Captain during a battle with the Romulans. A Romulan Warbird had disabled the Resilant's weapons and shields. Just as the Resilant was pulling a way it was hit by one last torpedo which knocked the Captain from his chair and slammed him onto a console which caused massive bleeding. The Comm. was still down and Bell-Krasner had no way to contact the doctor. Bell-Krasner managed to move the Captain to his ready room where propped him up against a table to stop the blood from rushing to his head. He then replicated a med kit and began to treat the Captains injuries using the skills his father had taught him. It took nearly two hours but Bell-Krasner stopped the bleeding and by the time the Comm. System was back up he had stabilized the Captain. For his heroism he was awarded the federation medal for valor and promoted to Lt. But, like all lifeforms, Bell-Krasner was not perfect. In 2364 while again in battle with the Romulans, Bell-Krasner accidentally overloaded the warp core while trying to seal a containment breach. The warp core nearly imploded which would have destroyed the ship and killed everyone. Bell-Krasner was so upset that he even asked the Captain to court martial him. However, this request was refused because the Captain said that in the heat of battle everyone makes mistakes and that Bell-Krasner was a valued member of the crew. He also reminded Bell-Krasner that he had once saved his life and was eternally grateful for that. He withdrew his request and continued to serve. Eventually he was promoted to Lt. Commander and made the Chief Engineer in 2366 after he saved two of his fellow crewmembers from a plasma discharge during an away mission by pushing them out of the way. Bell-Krasner was nearly killed by the plasma discharge but recovered and was again awarded the federation medal for valor and the federation medal for bravery.

Marriage and Transfer to U.S.S Cartier

In 2366, the same year he was promoted to Lt Commander and named the Chief Engineer of the Resilant, Bell-Krasner asked for Julie Goldman's hand in marriage. She accepted and the two were married aboard the Resilant. The couple had their first child on stardate 237011.08. He was named Steven Goldman-Krasner. The next year in 2371 while on leave Bell-Krasner was introduced to Captain Miles Acton, who had recently been named as the Commanding Officer of a brand new Intrepid ship, the U.S.S Cartier NCC-94093. 6 months later as the Cartier was preparing to launch Acton offered the position of Executive Officer to Bell-Krasner saying that he needed someone with experience, heroism and a sense of honor at his right hand. At first Bell-Krasner hesitated as he did not wish to leave his family. But, when the Resilant's Commanding Officer was promoted to Admiral and Bell-Krasner was offered the job of Executive Officer by the Resilant's new Commanding Officer he knew what to do. After a long talk with Julie, he persuaded the new Captain to name her as the Executive Officer and accepted Captain's Acton's offer.

Aboard The U.S.S Cartier

As the Executive Officer of one of the newest ships in the fleet Bell-Krasner and Acton got the chance to explore new territory in the Gamma Quadrant. Starfleet Command sent the ship on a five year mission with orders to explore as much of the quadrant as possible and bring back as much data as they could. For two and a half years the ship visited dozen's of planets and made first contact with 7 new species. However, mid-way through the mission in 2373 the ship received a long range communique from Starfleet Command ordering them back to the Alpha Quadrant. It took them nearly seven months but with a little help from two aliens who collided and catapulted them back to federation space they got back safe and sound. When they arrived, they found the Federation in the middle of the Dominion War. The brutal and bloody conflict which had already been going on for a year by the time they got back in 2374. For five months the Cartier along with dozens of other Starfleet ships were sent on the offensive and defensive. In battle after battle the ship was heavily damaged and many crewmembers were killed. During one of the battles, Captain Acton was badly wounded when the Bridge of the Cartier was hit. Despite the efforts of the Chief Medical Officer, he died. Bell-Krasner was given the field rank of Captan and made the new Commanding Officer of the Cartier but he was devastated, angry and wanted revenge. When Starfleet Command wanted to end the war once and for all, Bell-Krasner leaped at the opportunity to lead the Cartier and 17 other Starships into the heart of Dominion Territory. In a battle which lasted five days, 12 Starships along with 15 Dominion Warships, and 69 fighters on both sides were destroyed. During the final assault the ships's weapons and warp nacelles were destroyed. Bell-Krasner having beamed everyone else off the ship drove the Cartier into the Dominion Mothership blowing it, and the Cartier as well to pieces. The crew believed he was dead but he had actually managed to beam himself to an escape pod and was found in the debris after the battle had concluded.

Captain of the U.S.S Independence

After several months of recuperating from the war and from the loss of his friend Captain Acton, Bell-Krasner was ready to return to active duty. Starfleet Command had already recognized his heroism in the war by awarding him the Commanders Commendation, the Starfleet Medal of Valor, Medal of Honor, and Medal of Bravery but he wanted to Command a starship, this time in the name of peace and exploration rather than war. Admiral Paris gave him the Command of the U.S.S Independence NCC - 02276. Bell-Krasner's dream of becoming a Starfleet Captain had come true, but it was shortlived. Just three months after the Independence was launched it was sent on a mission to a remote Cardassian Outpost in the Takata Sector. There, the crew discovered a rogue faction of the Cardassians who used a time portal to transport themselves and the Independence as well back to the year 1975. However, it was an alternate 1975 where the Cardassians had taken complete control of Earth. Remembering what he had learned about American History and using information from the ships database Bell-Krasner managed to engineer a break-in to the heavily fortified Cardassian compound. He was captured but escaped and made his way to the control room and a faceoff with the leader of the Cardassian, Gul Eveck. When Eveck tried to transport himself to another time Bell-Krasner hit the self destruct button on the portal and was pulled inside of it with Eveck just as it was destroyed, hurling the Independence back to 2375 and to their own timeline. However, no trace of Bell-Krasner could be found. After several weeks of searching, Starfleet Command declared him Missing in Action (MIA) and presumed dead.

The Return

With Bell-Krasner MIA and presumed dead the Independence was given a new Captain, Janel Esrom, but while Bell-Krasner may have been MIA he wasn't dead. Bell-Krasner had in fact survived the destruction of the time portal. He had been pulled inside of it at the moment it was about to explode and had been thrown into the future of the alternate reality where the Cardassians were still in control but had taken over the entire quadrant. While things in Bell-Krasner's reality had returned to normal the alternate reality had apparently progressed as it would have had Bel-Krasner and the Independence not intervened. He was quickly captured and imprisoned by the Cardassians where he met alternate versions of Admiral Paris, Montgomery, and Captain's Amisov, Sisko and Picard. Using Bell-Krasner's data the small group formulated a plan and managed to infiltrate the complex where the time portal was located. Once inside the temporal chamber Bell-Krasner did exactly what he had done before with one exception. He put the time portal in snyc with his time period and then jumped through it as the Admiral's and Captain's destroyed it restoring the timeline of both reality's to normal. Bell-Krasner was hurtled back to 2375 onto the planet where the original compound had been which was now just a desolate wasteland, but the shuttle that the team had landed on the surface was still there and still intact. Having been an Engineer for most of his career Bell-Krasner spent several days repairing the shuttle until he managed to get it functional enough to liftoff and send out a communications pulse through the deflector. One of the Independence's shuttles picked it up and headed towards the signal. Detecting a humanoid lifesign they beamed it aboard and to their surprise and amazement found Bell-Krasner standing on the transporter padd.

For his heroism, Bell-Krasner was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral, and offered the job of head of the Starfleet Core of Engineers. He declined this particular honor to take up command of the U.S.S Independence again.

Service Record

235506.13 - 235607.11: Ensign, Assistant Engineering Officer, Starbase 86

235607.14 - 235812.06: Ensign, Assistant Engineering Officer, U.S.S Resilant

235812.06 - 236103.21: Lt Junior Grade, Assistant Engineering Officer, U.S.S Resilant

236103.21 - 236607.25: Lt, Assistant Engineering Officer, U.S.S Resilant

236607.25 - 237005.06: Lt Commander, Chief Engineering Officer, U.S.S Resilant

237105.16 - 237501.16: Commander, Executive Officer, U.S.S Cartier

237501.16 - 237504.06: Captain, Commanding Officer, U.S.S Cartier

237506.06 - 237509.17: Captain, Commanding Officer, U.S.S Independence

237602.15 - 238701.01 Rear Admiral, Commanding Officer, U.S.S Independence

238701.20 - Present: President, United Federation of Planets, Paris


Admiral Bell-Krasner is one of the more decorated officers in Starfleet having been awarded 8 Starfleet Medals, 1 Starfleet Commendation and almost a dozen other commendations. His most notable awards are listed below:

236102.11: Starfleet Medal of Valor

236608.01: Starfleet Medal of Valor

236608.01: Starfleet Medal of Bravery

237505.17: Commanders Commendation

237505.17: Starfleet Medal of Valor

237505.17: Starfleet Medal of Honor

237505.17: Starfleet Medal of Bravery

237510.17: Starfleet Medal of Sacrifice*

  • Awarded while MIA and presumed dead

Character Information

Physical Description

Bell-Krasner stands 1.7018 meters tall and weighs approximately 81.64 kilograms. A typical human endomorph Bell-Krasner has a short stocky neck, short legs and a round face, something that is common among males in his family. His hair color is described as being dirty blonde. His eyes are hazel, like those of his mother. He has two somewhat noticeable scars on the right side of his neck sustained from a plasma discharge.


Admiral Bell-Krasner's favorite hobbies include reading, writing, baseball, antiques and sports played with a racquet including Tennis, Racquetball and Squash. His favorite books include a wide variety of classic Earth literature including works by Jules Verne, Mark Twain, JRR Tolkein and John Ellis. He enjoys playing baseball and collecting baseball antiques. His collection includes a 1941 Topps Playball card of Theodore Samuel "Ted" Williams (1939-2002) the only one known to exist, given to him as a gift in 2353.


Admiral Bell-Krasner is the first of two children in his immediate family. He has a sister, two first cousins on his father's side and three on his mother's side


Dr. Jay Krasner (230401.25 - Present)

Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S Armageddon

Lt. Commander Sharon Bell (230603.02-Present)

Chief Science Officer, U.S.S Armageddon


Captain Julie Goldman (233505.11 - Present)

Commanding Officer, U.S.S Resilant


Steven Goldman-Krasner (237011.08 - Present)

Bell-Krasner's father is Dr. Jay Krasner. Dr. Krasner has been in Starfleet since entering the academy in 2330 and even at the age of 67 he still manages to do one of the best jobs of anyone in the Starfleet medical department Dr. Krasner has saved many patients over the years but the most notable came in 2346 when he was a Lt. serving aboard the U.S.S Enterprise C as an assistant medical officer. Its Captain, Rachel Garrett had been infected by a pathogen that nobody not even the head of Starfleet Medical knew how to cure. Krasner recognized that one strand of the pathogen was very similar to a Cardassian disease that they had found a cure for. He told Captain Garrett that if they contacted the Cardassians they would be able to find a cure. Captain Garrett gave orders to do no such thing because she said the Cardassians could not be trusted. Dr. Krasner knew that he needed to do something and was willing to abandon the prime directive and his career to do it. So he took a shuttle and headed out to find a Cardassian ship. After several days of searching he happened to find a medical freighter that was carrying supplies. He traded with the Captain of the ship for the medicine needed to save Captain Garrett. When he got back to the Enterprise he spent 62 hours trying to counteract the pathogen using the medicine he had been given. Finally he managed to destroy it and gave the new vaccine to the Captain. Captain Garrett was upset that he had violated the prime directive but understood that he was bound by an even stronger directive the Hippocratic Oath. She promoted him to Lt. Commander, gave him the chief medical position and awarded him the federation medal for heroism. Bell-Krasner's mother is Lt Commander Sharon Bell who met his father in 2337 and married him after just a year of dating. She is a capable officer and has made several scientific breakthroughs while serving aboard the Armageddon. In 2356 assisted by her husband, she discovered a new form of plant life that produces spores which can be used in the making of certain medicines. For this achievement Bell was promoted to Lt. Commander and was made the Chief Science Officer.

Notable Ancestors

Bell-Krasner has several notable ancestors, the most notable being the first Elliot Benjamin Bell-Krasner for whom Bell-Krasner was named. Born on August 30th 1985, Elliot spent the majority of his life in politics. He was elected to the United States House of Representatives from the 5th District of Massachusetts as a Democrat and served from 2011-2015. He was elected to the United States Senate in 2014 and served until 2028. During that time he successfully lobbied for and helped win passage of the Bell-Krasner - Thompson Bill which provided free prescription drugs for all Senior Citizens in the United States. He served as the Senate Majority Leader from 2025-2028 and helped to win passage of the, "Children Come First" bill. As a result of his popularity he was elected the 49th President of the United States in the Presidential Election of 2028. Most of his presidency was spent in a futile attempt to end World War III which in the late 2020's and early 2030's was still in its early stages. Like his successor, President Steven Collins who would be the last President of the United States (2038 - 2041)* his efforts were unsuccessful. Despite the war, Bell-Krasner did have several accomplishments during his two terms in office including the christening of the Aires IV which was the first manned mission to Mars in 2036. In addition, he helped to win passage of several critical pieces of legislation which helped improve domestic life at the time they were passed.

After he left the White House, Bell-Krasner spent the rest of his career as a professor of American History at Harvard University often stressing to his students that the war could have been avoided if the sides had only listened to each other and dismantled their weapons of mass destruction long before they were launched.

Elliot Bell-Krasner's career/biographical data is listed below.

Elliot Bell-Krasner (198508.30 - 210306.17)

United States Representative from Massachusetts District 5 (2011 - 2014)

Class 1 United States Senator from Massachusetts (2015 - 2028)

49th President of the United States of America (2029 - 2037)

Professor of American History, Harvard University (2035 - 2075)

  • The Presidential Election of 2040 was canceled due to the escalation of WW-III and another one was never held due to the devastation of the United States Government after it ended in 2063

Admiral Richard Bell (220307.21 - 231701.02)

Director, Starfleet Intelligence (226209.04 - 231409.07)

Captain Steven Krasner (223502.10 - 235009.27)

Commanding Officer, U.S.S Lexington


It has often been said that Admiral Bell-Krasner has a way with words some of which he hopes will one day end up in a Starfleet textbook. Here are a few of his most memorable quotes

"Just how in the heck do you expect me to keep this tin-can excuse for a Starship flying when you keep crashing it into things Captain?" -To Captain Michael Richardson after the Resilant collided with a Romulan Warbird during a battle with them in 2368

"You know Admiral, I don't think it matters what these people want, they have threatened the security of the federation and in my book, all they deserve is to be kicked from here to Boston Common" -To Admiral Owen Paris regarding a species known as the Heavenites which the Cartier encountered sometime in 2372

"Now wait just a minute, you're telling me that a Q can die? Oh boy wait till I tell Jean Luc this. Why I bet he'll want to shoot you half a dozen times just to be sure" -To the entity known as "Q" after he beamed aboard the Cartier seeking refuge

"So let me get this straight, we were just thrown halfway across the galaxy because two aliens one from a Heaven like race and one from a Hell like race collided with each other? Man...G-D must be banging his head against the clouds right now" -To Commander (Then Lt) Alexander Hunter after the Cartier was thrown back to the Alpha Quadrant by a shockwave caused by the collision of two aliens from two very powerful Gamma Quadrant species

"This situation is completely insane. She is a half Romulan, half human who has worked for Starfleet Intelligence and the Tal'Shair and you want me to sleep with her?! Just what in the hell do you think I am actually get out of a woman like that!" -To Captain Acton upon learning of one of his crewmembers identities

"Bell-Krasner to the Independence...I'm going to destroy this thing, and I don't think I will make it out alive get the heck out of here and don't look back...that's an order!" -Last communication to the ship before presumably destroying the Cardassian time portal