A dragon is a large creature, often, but not necessarily, carrying wings and covered in scales. It usually has a tail and has the ability to breathe fire, sometimes from multiple heads – three or seven heads being common numbers of heads, if the dragon has more than one.



Some dragons have hair, contrary to the common scales.


There are other dragons in which have two feet, while others have four. Some dragons also have webbed feet.


While it is common for dragons to have wings, a significant number of dragons do not have them.



Many types of dragons have wings, feathered or membered. However, both the ones with wings that cannot carry their full weight as well as the ones that do not have wings, may use their magical abilities to stay in air. Some dragons will only float short distances instead of flying.

Dragon Breath

One of the major traits of a dragon is that it has a dragon breath. This means that most types of dragons can breathe fire, spew water, spray toxic venom, or shoot frostbreath. Depending on the type, acquiring control over this ability may take a while.

Examples of Dragons

  • In the Shrek movies, the dragon is originally revealed as a cruel creature. However, she exposes a compassionate nature upon meeting Donkey, therefore losing her role as an antagonist.[1]
  • In the show, My Little Pony, Spike is a baby dragon with a kind heart. He is, however, incapable of flying, and is often seen walking instead.[2]
  • In the Disney movie known as Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is the sinister mistress who curses Princess Aurora. As the movie reaches a suspenseful point, she transforms into a dragon.[3]
  • In the movie from Disney referred to as Mulan, Mushu is a dragon who has a close friendship with the protagonist. Much like Spike from My Little Pony, he is unable to fly due to his lack of wings.[4]
  • In the video game series Spyro, dragons are a very common species. They are either bipedal or quadruped, as it varies. They all have a power that is based on the color of their scales (i.e. Red is fire, yellow is electricity, blue is ice, etc.), and purple dragons, like the protagonist, Spyro, can control other powers that normal dragons can't, and even time to a certain extent. In the game Skylanders, it is revealed that female dragons have no teeth, while males do. [5]


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