Derek Graham is a former Star Trek simmer. He served in the SFIA and Star Fleet On-Line sim clubs before starting his own club, StarForce Simming. He also briefly served as the President of the Simming League, from February to March 2005.

Character History

Born in Park Ridge, IL on Earth in 2410, Derek went to the Starfleet Academy in 2428 and graduated with honors in 2432. He served as the Chief of Operations on board the USS Hood under the command of Captain Data. Derek received his first XO position on board Starbase 101 and later moved up to Commanding Officer of Starbase 101. He also served as executive officer on board USS Lancaster and moved further to command the Lancaster. After this he transferred to the USS Avenger which he commanded for a short while before commanding the USS Endeavor. After a tour of duty on the Endeavor, he became the commanding officer of the USS Aries.