Teen Dark Sumdac by Kingoji

Dark Sumdac's human mode.

Character Name
NameDark Sumdac
Species Human/Cybertronian Technorganic
Sex Female
Age Physically appears to be 16, actual age unknown.
Roleplay Information
Name The War Within
Genre Science Fiction
Type RPG


  • "Just watch and see what I can do!"


The Basics

  • Hair: Neck length dark red, always done up in pigtails
  • Eyes: very light red 'whites', red irises. (reversed in robot mode)
  • Build: slender
  • Height: 7'
  • Weight: Unknown

The Details / Identifying features

  • Physically identical to Sari except for eye color and clothing color.


Clothes / Armor

Exactly the same as Sari, but dark and light grey instead of yellow and red instead of cyan.


  • Energy projectors x2 (convert from hands, usable in human and robot mode)
  • Twin master blades
  • Hyperspace hammer


  • A scooter that converts into her jet pack (built with her sister, using her jet pack's schematics)
  • Sparkplug, her and her sister's pet robotic dog
  • Various other things



Dark is as kindhearted and friendly as Sari, and just as bubbly. She would do nearly anything for her friends, including putting her own life on the line to protect them.

She is also highly curious, not easily satisfied by what she's been told. She and Sari harbor no hatred towards Decepticons, instead wanting to know more about them and see if they're really so different than Autobots.

Dark hates fighting, though if forced to, she will aim to disable an opponent, starting with their weaponry. But if she can avoid having to fight, she will.


  • Her current group of friends.
  • Her family, namely her dad and her twin sister.
  • Freedom to do what she wants.
  • Chocolate shakes
  • Her and her sister's pet robot dog Sparkplug


  • SG Sword Storm.
  • Being reminded of her past that she'd like to forget.
  • The thought of having to go back to the 'Shattered Glass' universe.


Marital Status

Single, but not looking.


  • Father: Professor Issac Sumdac (adoptive)
  • Sister: Sari Sumdac (twin)
  • Pet: Sparkplug

Abilities and Weaknesses

Physical Strengths

She has Cybertronian level strength and durability. She is also much faster than a typical human, and very tall for one too. She doesn't appear to age, at least not nearly as quickly as a typical human, making identifying her true age nearly impossible.


Her technorganic nature provides resistance, and even immunity, to many ailments that would affect only TF’s or organics. She also has a pair of azusa skates for added speed and agility. (Stats reflect the skates active) Her master blades can cut through most armor without much effort. She can use energy projectors that convert from her hands for either small, quick bursts, or a larger blast by holding on to a charge. She is able to fly in her robot mode and Cybertronian jet mode. She also has a jet pack that works just like Sari's, granting flight in her human mode.

Special Ability

Skyboom shield: Sari can surround herself, and maybe one other nearby character if she's lucky, in a bubble of protective energy. This shield diffuses nearly any energy based attack, and can deflect most physical attacks aside from being crushed. She can rarely keep the shield up for more than a few moments at a time, however, and she can't use it in succession. Can only be used three times per episode.


Her small size also means that she’s easier to hurt. If Sari's in trouble, then she'll drop nearly everything else to come to her aid. She can't convert from human mode directly to jet mode or vice-versa.


Separated at birth from her twin sister, Sari, Dark ended up in a real scarey universe. Neither knew of the other for sixteen long years, though both had a slight inclination that they were missing someone from their lives. Eventually, Dark had been captured and had a shell program installed in her by the evil Autobots of that universe to suit their own ends, altering her memories and personality to be just like them. However, Lord Angelic took over before she could ever be used, and by the time she became free, Sari had somehow ended up in this universe as well. With the shell program beginning to fail due to damage from being tossed through Tankor’s dimensional rifts, Dark was able to think clearly enough to help Sari escape. After being sent to the same universe Sari ended up in and meeting her again, the sisters were happy to be reunited, discovering their relation later once Dark’s original kind, bubbly personality was restored.

After a mission that soon turned out to be a trap for the Autobots, both Sari and Dark became badly damaged, to the point that Ratchet needed to remove their sparks in order to effect repairs. Once he finished, both of them went to take a nap. When they woke up, they were surprised and thrilled to find their bodies had become upgraded into larger, stronger forms capable of flight and a new Cybertronian jet mode. With these, they plan on trying even harder to help their friends, Autobot and Decepticon alike!