Daniel Fowler is a former Star Trek simmer who served in the United Space Federation (USF) for over a decade. Joining the USF in August 1996 after being recruited in one of AOL's Star Trek chat forums, he originally joined the USS Odyssey, but transferred to the USS Roddenberry after only a few weeks. His most well known characters are Edward Darign and Jake Vargo. He played Edward off and on throughout his career in the USF; Edward also served on the independent USS Redemption. Jake was created on the USS Eclipse, but in-story turned rogue, became an infamous space pirate, and was killed by Roddenberry crew member Jay O'Meara.

In 2007, Dan created the independent Verak Nor sim with his fellow USF simming friend Kelly Rowles. Dan served as the executive officer of Verak Nor throughout its nearly two year run.

Simming History

Dan began simming in the United Space Federation in August 1996 on the USS Odyssey, under Captain Christian Klindt. He soon transferred to the USS Roddenberry, the sim he considers home. His Trill character, Edward Darign, reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander onboard the Roddenberry before Dan left USF in 1999.

In September 1997 Dan created his second significant character, Jake Vargo. This El-Aurian character was a big departure from the timid and often reserved Edward Darign. He simmed on the USS Eclipse under Eileen Shodan for a short time. After his promotion to Lieutenant JG, Dan decided he didn't have the time to play two characters and had Jake go AWOL from starfleet, dragging the character Candace Darign along with him. Kelly Rowles, who played Candace, then switched Candace over to the USS Roddenberry.

In 2003 Dan returned Edward Darign to the Roddenberry. This return was short lived, however, as real life complications prevented him from reliably making the sim meeting times. He left for the final time after only a few months.

In October 2004, Dan couldn't resist the simming bug and rejoined USF on the USS Aldrin. He created a Ferengi character named Grigg. He left the ship after only three months, however, because he missed the experience of simming with friends from what he considered "the good old days." This prompted him to eventually, in 2006, rejoin the Roddenberry as Edward Darign.

In 2007 Dan created Ensign Zayd Prax, a Bolian character for the USS Agamemnon. Also in 2007, Dan and Kelly Rowles teamed up to found the independent sim Verak Nor.

Mutiny on the Boun... Roddenberry!

At the end of Dan's first multi-year stint on the Roddenberry, a difference of opinions led to the break up of "The Impeccable Three"--Chief Jay, Jalilar Valdyr, and Edward Darign. Dan decided to leave USF because of the rift between him and his superior officers on the Roddenberry, and he created his own independent sim, the USS Redemption.

After a very successful run of six months, unfortunate personal troubles developed between Dan and Kelly Rowles, causing the disbanding of the USS Redemption. They've since reconciled their differences and are now very close friends, but at the time it was the death knoll for the fledgling sim.

While this stage of non-participation in his online life was in no way, shape, or form a regrettable decision, Dan later stated that he often wished he had returned to USF after the dissolution of the Redemption a lot sooner than he did.

Character List

Edward Darign


Edward Darign was a lieutenant serving on the USS Roddenberry (a United Space Federation sim). While his first love is piloting, Ed's current position on the ship is in the science department.

Basic Information

  • Name: Edward
  • Symbiont Name: Darign
  • Family Name: Faulor
  • Species: Trill (Joined)
  • Place of Birth: Shanlar Province, Trill
  • Age: 40
  • Symbiont Age: 524
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: 3 (Deceased)
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
  • Current Post: USS Roddenberry

Darign Symbiont History

  • First Host: Gerhn Darign
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthplace: Waysed Province, Trill
  • Occupation: Theoretical Sciences Professor
  • Age (At Death): 120

Gerhn first received the Darign symbiont at the age of 27. The Symbiosis Commission preferred younger candidates, but this newly discovered symbiont needed to be joined quickly to avoid neural damage. Gerhn salutitorian in his class and devoted his life to research of fields such as advanced warp theory, temporal dynamics, and quantum singularities, all of which were very unexplored and ground breaking at the time. He died of natural causes at the age of 107.

  • Second Host: Farcis Darign
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthplace: Kalax Province, Trill
  • Occupation: Director of Special Development (Trill Space Yards)
  • Age (At Death): 59

Farcis joined with Darign at the age of 21. Fresh out of the Kalax Technical School, Farcis received a posting at the Trill Space Yards as a project engineer. He was eventually granted a promotion to the head of Special Development. He was the project manager for the venerable Pollux Class Observatory Cruiser used by the Trill Exploratory Corp. Unfortunately he never saw it launched, Farcis died of toxic plasma gas inhalation during a routine assembly inspection.

  • Third Host: Prentus Darign
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthplace: Regio City, Trill
  • Occupation: Grade School Teacher
  • Age (At Death): 129

Prentus underwent the joining ceremony with Darign at the age of 21, same as his predecessor. He lead a relatively uneventful life, but one of personal accomplishment. After being granted his instructor license at the age of 28, Prentus went on to teach elementary-level education at the same school for 91 years until his retirement. He died of natural causes in his sleep during the third year of his retirement.

  • Fourth Host: Jefferson Darign
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthplace: Prague, Earth
  • Occupation: Restaurant Entrepreneur
  • Age (At Death): 122

Jefferson had the distinction of being the first host for Darign not born on Trill. His parents had relocated to Earth as part of a cultural exchange program. Jefferson received the symbiont as a part of his family's political clout and their plans for him to become an important figure in Trill society. Jefferson had different plans and bucked tradition, instead opening his first eatery in Paris on Earth at the age of 26, four years after being joined. By the time of his death Jefferson owned and operated seven separate establishments of various levels of culinary execution.

  • Fourth Host: Shiel Darign
  • Sex: Female
  • Birthplace: Bagnarkad, Trill
  • Occupation: Diplomat
  • Age (At Death): 94

Shiel was the first and only female host for the Darign symbiont, to date. Shiel knew early on in her life that she would receive the mantle of diplomacy from her father, who served as an ambassador to the United Federation of Planets on behalf of Trill during the latter half of the 23rd century. Upon her father's death his position on the diplomatic staff was handed down to Shiel. She continued his work, but also branched out on her own projects such as lobbying for a higher percentage of rights for Trill Exploratory Corps. Shiel died while onboard the S.S. Vorkham, a (non-Starfleet) Federation science ship. The circumstances surrounding her death are classified along with the fate of the ship.

Family History

  • Family Name: Faulor
  • Parents: Zteavan Faulor and Karol Faulor (Both unjoined)
  • Siblings: None

Personal History

Edward was born in a backwater province on Trill, Shanlar. His parents were of moderate education and means, they worked together as independent maintenance contractors for the Trill government. Still, they provided everything possible for their child. Ed never felt disadvantaged growing up, and his successful application to the prestigious Trill Aeronautics Academy at the minimum age of eighteen only proved the formula of how his parents raised him.

Upon his graduation from TAA after 4 years, Ed applied for and was accepted by the Symbiosis Commission to be joined. Neither of his parents had been joined before, but becoming Valedictorian for his flight class positioned Ed as an obvious recipient choice in the eyes of the Commission. Unfortunately, the joining procedure was marred by a life-threatening mistake by the primary surgeon. Ed received the Darign symbiont after Shiel Darign's mysterious death, and the circumstances surrounding the Commission's receipt of the symbiont are still surrounded by a well-funded cover-up.

After taking four years to recover from his jarring experience on the joining table, Ed decided to leave Trill and these bad memories behind; this was against his parent's wishes. While proud of the possibility of having offspring accepted into Starfleet Academy on Earth, Ed's parents would have preferred he remain local.

Ed graduated from Starfleet Academy at the unprecedented age of thirty. He was immediately assigned a officer's post onboard the USS Odyssey, a Galaxy Class starship. He had only been on the ship a mere three weeks when Ed received news of his parent's death.

Ed's parents were killed in an orbital shuttle collision. They were traveling to an orbital relay station that needed minor maintenance; they had been contracted by the Trill government to make the repairs. Unfortunately an black-market cargo vessel departing from the planet had mis-filed it's orbital departure flight plan, and collided with his parent's shuttle. All involved were killed.

This event blindsided Ed, who had left Trill against his parents wishes and had not seen them since his third year in Starfleet Academy. He was issued a medical leave of absence by Captain Klindt, the Commanding Officer of the USS Odyssey at the time. Ed chose not to return to his first assignment, finding it reminded him too much of the loss he had suffered.

Reassignment came quickly, and Ed was posted on the USS Roddenberry, under Captain Stuart Scully. He served the majority of his career here as the ship's helmsman and occasional science department head, eventually attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

On stardate 9817.06 Edward Darign and his then-wife Candace Darign were chosen to command and experimental vessel, the USS Redemption. The ship was developed as a response to the Dominion War. Edward was given the provisional rank of Captain, his wife Commander.

However, in the midst of the war, a former enemy of the Darigns', Jake Vargo, was sprung from prison and hired by the Dominion to take over the Redemption (which was quite a prize considering it's experimental nature). Somehow Jake and a Vorta boarded the Redemption, Edward two sons, Gattaca and D'Artagnan.

Soon afterwards, the death of their children and a breakdown in their relationship caused Ed to divorce Candace. He fell into a deep depression and resigned his commission in Starfleet.

The following five years saw Ed bouncing from system to system, sometimes finding temporary work or a short-lived interest. The longest period of time he spent in one place was two years, on Thalus Prime. This non-aligned planet, a dusty industrial hell, was where Ed finally settled on being a sub-orbital shuttle pilot. He spent most of his time in smoky bars, drowning his loneliness in a locally produced rum.

Rescue came not a second too soon in the form of Chief Jay, Ed's best friend from his days on the USS Roddenberry. Jay persuaded Ed to join him in re-enlisting in Stafleet to recapture the glory days they had experienced together before the Redemption disaster. Ed agreed, and left Thalus Prime with Jay.

Fate intervened, however. Jay's latent temporal abilities went haywire during their shuttle journey to the Roddenberry. In a strange twist, Ed and Jay were transported to the USS Roddenberry in present time, however, they themselves had been changed back to the rank of ensign. Nobody remembered their past exploits onboard the ship.

This all changed when (past) Jay finally rejoined with (present) Jay. The timeline was restored, and the crew remembered their friends once more. After narrowly missing a court marshal (saved by another friend, now Commodore Ray Packard) Jay and Ed returned to the Roddenberry to resume their new careers onboard the epic vessel.

Jake Vargo


Jake Vargo was created in the fall 1997 for the United Space Federation sim USS Eclipse.

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Jason Practan Vargo
  • Race: El-Aurian
  • Born: 6704.8 , 23rd Century
  • Birthplace: Lacarno Province, Uthor III
  • Age: 140 years at time of death
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Skin Color: White
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Grey
  • Physical Features: Large scar that runs diagonally across his face
  • Physical Condition: Very strong muscular build
  • Mental Condition: Average
  • Martial Status: Single

Jake Vargo is presumed dead.

Personal History

Jake was born on Uthor III, a Federation Colony world. At the age of 57, he left the world to pursue studies on Vulcan. After 10 years on Vulcan he left again for Earth. At the age of 69 he became the Chief of Security matters for the Science Academy in Prague. When he turned 83, he left Earth on the Federation study vessel SS Vorkham. On the ship he served as a independently-contracted security officer. At 90 he left the ship on the planet Andor, and worked his way up to the position of Presidential Security Officer. As Andorian President Ullar Moakith's personal guard, he saved her from 3 assassination attempts and worked closely with the internal Andorian security force in weeding out terrorists and faction groups.

After over twenty years of duty to the Andorian government, he wanted to move on, and caught a transport to the teeming metropolis of Fetladral on Minyakt IV. There he worked as a soldier of fortune for whoever wanted to hire him for whatever reason they wanted. At the age of 126 he grew tired of killing for money, and returned to earth. In the Chicago Hospital for examination for infection of a wound he received via transport to earth (aka a poker fight), he picked up a pamphlet on Starfleet. Reading into the subject, he became fascinated with the exploits of the original Enterprise and her captain, James T. Kirk. He decided to join up. He entered the academy at 125 yrs old, and graduated in five. He was promptly posted on the USS Eclipse, a Soveriegn class ship, under the command of Fleet Captain Eileen Shodan.

Shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Vargo became disenfranchised with Starfleet. It wasn't what he had expected, and he grew bored. He attempted a take over of the USS Eclipse. Although he did not succeed, he kidnapped a fellow officer named Candace Nehera that he had developed an infatuation for. The two disappeared for almost two full Earth days before Candace was returned to the USS Roddenberry, where she had been heading. Jake Vargo was captured shortly after Candace's marriage to Edward Darign, but he escaped.

Over the past few years, Vargo had numerous run ins with Starfleet. He made several attempts to steal Starfleet property, including the attempted theft of the USS Redemption, which was commanded by Edward and Candace Darign. During the attempt, Gattaca (one of the Darign's two children) was killed. Vargo was eventually interned at a Federation penal colony.

Jake Vargo was allegedly killed by USS Roddenberry officer Chief Jay, in self defense.

Starfleet History

  • Main Academy Courses Taken:
  • Security Tactics
  • Officer Training
  • Advanced Medical Training
  • Weaponry
  • Self Defense
  • Starfleet Career:
  • Stardate 199208.04 Entered Starfleet Academy
  • Stardate 199708.01 Graduated with Honors
  • Stardate 199709.22 Posted on USS Eclipse with rank of Ensign
  • Stardate 199712.14: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
  • Stardate 199712.16: Went AWOL after kidnapping, and then safely returning Candace Nehera


Ensign Grigg is a Ferengi who served on the USS Aldrin.

Zayd Prax


Zayd Prax was an Ensign, serving on the USS Agamemnon, a United Space Federation sim as an Operations Assistant.

Basic Information

  • Name: Zayd Prax
  • Species: Bolian
  • Place of Birth: Bren City, Bolarus IX
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 171 lbs
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: None
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Post: USS Agamemnon

Family History

  • Family Name: Prax
  • Father: Captain Rixx Prax (Formerly CO, USS Thomas Paine)
  • Mother: Audro Prax
  • Co-Mother: Zimilia Prax
  • Siblings: Prol Prax (Male), Pril Prax (Male)

Zayd's family was highly unorthodox according to Bolian society. The long periods of the absence of the father, Rixx, was a cultural oddity; most Bolian families remain tightly knit throughout their whole lives. Zayd and his brothers Prol and Pril (Twins) were raised by their mother and co-mother, Audro and Zimilia. All three are offspring from Rixx's first wife, Audro.

Pril and Prol pursued more conventional occupations than their father Rixx and brother Zayd; they work together operating a Bolian Crystalsteel venture. They have enjoyed mild success, trading the uniquely Bolian commodity on the open market to many different species.

Zayd's mothers, Audro and Zimilia, both stay at home now with their retired husband, Rixx.

Personal History

Zayd was born to Captain Rixx Prax and Audro Prax on Bolarus IX, while the starfleet officer was on medical leave related to the pregnancy. The Prax family never traveled with the patriarch while he was away on missions, thus Zayd had very little contact with his father prior to the latter's retirement.

Zayd grew up in the shadow of his father's accomplishment. Being the son of the first Bolian to attain the rank of Captain in starfleet had it advantages and disadvantages. To the majority of Bolians, Rixx Prax had made an outstanding achievement and deserved to be lauded for it. Zayd often found himself being compared to his quasi-celebrity father, constantly being told that he would no doubt be the next great Bolian officer in starfleet.

Fringe elements in Bolian society disagreed. Many isolationists on Bolarus considered families like the Praxes to be diluting Bolian culture with foreign ideas and customs; Zayd's mostly fatherless childhood represented all that was wrong with Bolarus IX's entry into the Federation to these types. As a young man Zayd often found a bizarre contrast in the adulation he received from some people, and the raw contempt he garnered from others.

Zayd's optimistic outlook on all of this, in retrospect, is uncharacteristic of someone who grew up under such a controversial shadow. Despite of, or perhaps in spite of, all the buzz surrounding his entry into Starfleet, Zayd applied for the Academy and was accepted quickly. He followed in his father's footsteps and ranked in the top 10% of his graduating class. Zayd showed a proficiency for handling large amounts of complicated data efficiently, a natural aptitude that made him a clear candidate for Ship's Operations specialty training.

Upon graduation, newly commissioned Ensign Zayd Prax was assigned to the Akira class USS Agamemnon as an assistant operations officer.

Primary Academy Training

  • Sensor Operations
  • Advanced Logistical Program
  • Tactical Scenario Training
  • Basic Astrophysics
  • Advanced Astrophysics

Gul Arzan Evaad

Gul Arzan Evaad served as the CO of Verak Nor.

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