DDC Games is a free play-by-post site with a single role-play. It was founded in 2010 by Daniel Taylor, David Taylor and Chris Wilkinson.



DDC Games began around July 2010, when a group of three people decided to start up their own roleplaying site. Originally the site used the Simm Management System and had a single role-play, the USS Daedalus which was based on the BC-304 class ship from Stargate. The sim was moderately successful and after the site upgraded to Nova it expanded to include a sim based on Sacred 2. Around August of 2010, two of the original creators - Daniel and Chris, two of the original creators, decided to start work on a piece of software for role-playing. After a month of work, however, there were quite a few technical issues which the two were unable to work out and the site was closed down, whilst the two worked to try and overcome these problems.


Between September 2010 and June 2011, the two worked on the system slowly; trying to figure out how to overcome the problems they had been facing and to also learn the language used for the coding. Once they were able to meet up, work began again and within a week the basic version of the MARS system had been created. At this point, it was nothing more than a simple login system with a simple posting area. However, over the next couple of months the two continued to work on it, making it into what we see here today.


In August 2011, the MARS system was tested by the two, by running a text based role-play - based in the Naruto universe. This met with moderate success, which ended up with two main role-playing areas. Once the beta of this was completed, the two went to work again; to fix the few bugs, which had been found during the test and came back with this site. The first sim here was Valiant, which didn't meet with much success and it was decided to try something different. Which leads us to Quarantine, the Zombie Based sim that is currently running and looking for members.

Command Timeline

Time President Vice-President
2011-Present Daniel Taylor Chris Wilkinson