Crystal Q (also known as Q Crystal) is a former Star Trek simmer. She was a member of the Trek Online sim club from 1997 to 1998. In 2004, she founded and ran her own club, the United Galaxy Organization.

Simming Career

Trek Online

Crystal joined Trek Online in the spring of 1997 and remained active with the club through 1998. She spent most of her career in a non-affiliated capacity, attending sims, games, and chats across the club at her pleasure. However, she did join the USS Endeavor and the IKS Dark Falcon for a period of time.[1]

United Galaxy Organization

In 2004, Crystal founded the United Galaxy Organization and served as the leader of the club in the capacity as its Senate President.[2]


While in Trek Online, Crystal played a former Q. Reduced to mortal form and stripped of her powers as a child after her parents were executed by the Continuum, she still retained memories and residual talents from her childhood. These included an ability to instantly learn any language, as well as excellent combat skills honed from her superior sight, hearing, and agility.[3]


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