Clodo is a former Star Trek simmer. He was a long time member of Trek Online where he served as its Vice President from July 1998 to January 2000, and as the Commanding Officer of the USS Stonewall (TOL) from July 1997 to January 2000. He also served as the club's Academy Commandant. In recognition of his service, he was awarded the Trek Online Medal of Honor; the club's Distinguished Service Medal was also named in his honor.



Clodo joined Trek Online in March of 1997, serving on the USS Indelphi and the USS Wrightstown. His simming ability, organizational skills, and intelligence quickly stood out. In the young club, he was rapidly promoted, and given permission to organize a ship of his own, which he launched in August as the USS Stonewall.


Throughout its two and a half year run, the Stonewall was one of the most popular and successful sims in Trek Online. During this time, Clodo took on more responsibility in the club, including serving as the Academy Commandant, helping with the website, and rising to the rank of Vice Admiral. He became one of President Chas Hammer's key advisers and allies, and was made the Vice President of Trek Online in July of 1998, a position in which he served until his retirement in January 2000.


Upon his retirement, the Stonewall held a last sim, in which the ship became heavily damaged and fell into the gravitational well of a gas giant. Clodo went down with the ship, disappearing into the planet's clouds, running the ship's systems as the rest of the Stonewall crew safely evacuated.