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This is a custom character of ChrisGalford.
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  A variation of Chris Falcon, this time as a member of the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger team. He is the Blue ranger.


He was a young boy with fascination to everything related to ninjas. He  worked on the same restaurant as Ryo, the Tenkaranger. After the events of the Gokaiger series, the defeat of the Zangyack empire by the hands of the 35th sentai squad caught the attention of the intergalactic terrorist group known as "Cosmic Devils" led by the entity Bishop, a magician who at first used forbidden spells to release the Demon king, previously sealed away by the 1st Ninja Squadron and reviving both the Infershia Emperor and the Supreme Life Force, bringing the three villainous overlords to do his bidding. Under Bishop, the revived villains and remnants of the Zangyack empire gathered together to claim the powers of the 35th sentai by force, the previous Pirates were already searching for treasures far away from planet earth, while both the previous and succeeding sentai teams (including the Spec Ops team, the Third Dino Squad, but before the appearance of the Train Squad and the Third Shinobi Team) and succeeded in sealing the powers of the rangers into mysterious devices called "Ranger Locks".

However, since the Rangers once helped the Pirates once, and already sacrificed their powers during the Zangyack invasion, the Gokaigers were able to get their powers back thanks to the power of the "Ranger Memories". The Blue Pirate appeared on his dreams and offered him the ranger memory of the Gokaiger, and he was able to materialize his mobirate and the Gokai ranger key.

He was soon approached by the new Red Ranger, a man called Alphonse, who told him about going through the same dream, although with a different man telling him something similar.

Thanks to his interest on ninjas, he was able to gather the ranger memories of several ninja rangers and materialize their ranger keys.

Powers, abilities and Ranger Keys

As a fighter, he shares the same traits as Joe. He prefers using dual gokai sabers over the muskets, and has a rather flashy and stylish method of fighting.

The ranger keys he has, as he unlocked them in order by destroying the memory wielders:

Blue Rangers

Other Color rangers