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Earth's Champion
Erik Chandler
"Let the divine flames purify you!"
NameErik Chandler
Nickname(s)Head Harvester
Alias(es)Dark Serpent
Physical appearance
Weight184 lbs.
Skin tone(Ivory) Freckled
Other[See Picture]
Cause of death
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Friend of
Enemy of
Mental state
PersonalityQuiet; Attentive; Protective; Materialistic; Cheerful
LikesFrogs; Swimming; Running; Sports
DislikesDisrespect; Mistreatment of Earth
Professional life
Employed by
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MagicGod Slayer
PowersNaga Physiology
Out of character
CreatedApril, 2013
RP title
RP genreFantasy - Medieval
RP typeT1
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 The head harvester, Erik Chandler, is a Naga to the monsters and a hero to the humans. His famed presence among the humans could be easily compared to Hercules to the Greeks.


Erik is athletically built with bulky biceps and a broad chest. A toned abdomen and a long, thick seeding serpent beneath his trousers would bring about an aura of conceitedness. He has short, thick black hair that veils his visage in the night in addition to the tribal markings on the left side of his face. Such perfect ivory skin is only 'blemished' by freckles that appear randomly across the middle of his face. In his truest form, he has dark scales and a long, sharply pointed serpent's tail that is able to shift between a peculiar maw and a needle-like point. In its beast form, the end of the tail appears to have features of a dragon with a sharply pointed snout followed by a row of pointy ridges along its head and partly up Erik's serpent tail. In terms of the bite's strength, it is seemingly able to rip through iron with ease.


  • Attentive: Erik, being the warrior that he is, is almost innately aware of everything that goes on around him at all times. He takes into account his surroundings and his enemy every time he meets a new battlefield.
  • Protective: To those he has grown a particularly strong bond with, Erik is extremely protective. However, he is much more protective to his treasures which seemingly change often now. These would be valuable to most yet priceless to Erik, say a single nugget of gold or a small diamond.
  • Materialistic: Taken into account that he is, in fact, a Naga, he must own a treasure and love it with his whole heart, protecting it with his life. He also is seemingly fond of earthly things such as goods currency.
  • Cheerful: Apparently, Erik is particuarly upbeat and joyous desipte his living conditions. He is typically the happiest in the room when he is not pondering in silence so there are only two sides to him, no inbetween like most.

(Main) Armor & Weapons

Iron Armor

He wears thick plated armor that consists of greaves, gauntlets, boots, shoulder plates and the traditional top. The armor has three levels within it and it goes in this order from the inside out: iron, rubber, steel. He has had many a run-in with people who tended to use electricity as a source of power and learned from his mistakes. Strangely enough, he rarely wears a helmet and his gauntlets seem to be missing a key component… the gloves. This technically makes them braces but as they were bought as gauntlets, he refers to them as gauntlets. His armor has three main colors: red, gold, and the dark grey steel color. It holds no magical properties and is just as heavy as any armor as it weighs approximately thirty seven point four pounds with the helmet included, and thirty three pounds without it. The armor only slightly slows him down as he uses it to train, allowing him to be relatively faster without it on aside from his already tremendous speed. It is strong enough to stop a refined blade from piercing through it with one hundred and ten pounds of pressure as it is constantly refined and improved with the evolution of weapons. At the center of his armored top is the symbol on a lion’s head roaring. It stands for bravery, strength and ferocity. The greaves and boots are unequipped in his true form.

Chain & Sickle

The sickle itself consists of a forty seven foot chain within a three foot mithril pole which is covered in rubber and used as a handle. Along with that, there is a twelve inch razor sharp blade on one end of the pole while the other is occupied by a large, heavy mithril weight. The blade of the sickle is made entirely of mithril, and is always kept sharp enough to slice through brick walls and full grown trees with ease. Etched onto the back of the blade are four crossed out Chinese symbols, although he is not Chinese. Those symbols are the following:  頭収穫機 . In English they translate to “Head Harvester”. It is simply a play on words for sickles are supposed to be used for harvesting crops while he uses his for war purposes, otherwise known as head-hunting. The heavy mithril weight itself weighs an astonishing forty pounds and is shaped like a bell. Altogether, the sickle weighs about seventy pounds, including the long, thin chain. The orichalcum chain is hidden inside of the sickle’s pole and can stretch over twenty feet with the use of a mithril spring attached to the bottom of the actual blade and the heavy mithril weight on the end. This allows him to use the sickle as a long/medium-ranged weapon, as well as a close-ranged weapon. Not only can it be used for fighting now but it can also be used as a grapple, or for some other useful reason. With the chain attached to both the blade and the mithril weight on the opposite end, there are three buttons on the weight that can change the course of the sickle when in motion. It can be used to sling the weight around by pressed one button, which releases the pole and sickle or to launch the sickle, keeping the pole attached to the mithril weight. The final button allows him to retract the chain at any given time. These blades, due to the mystical mithril and enchantments, are immune to all forms of magic and unable to be properly wielded by other parties. Other creatures powers are able to be consumed by the infamous weapon.

Hidden Daggers

He carries two hidden daggers with mithril blades and orichalcum handles, covered in decorative rubber. The two daggers are identical and their blades stretch over ten inches, while the handles are approximately six inches in length. The rubber around the orichalcum not only makes the daggers look pretty but also makes his grip on the daggers much more firm. They are quite refined and have been proven to be durable enough to slice through a full grown tree with the slightest of efforts, just as sharp as the famed chain and sickle. These blades hold the same magic as his chain and sickle.


Battle Proficiency

Capoeira refers to an energetic, dance-like and oftentimes acrobatic Brazilian martial art, game, and fight-dance. It is marked by feints, subterfuge, acrobatic play, and a lot of groundwork, with head butts, sweeps, and kicks. Body-throws, elbow-strikes, punches, and slaps are also used, though less frequently. Erik has mastered this fighting style. Kusarigamajutsu is the art of using the kusarigama, otherwise known as the chain and sickle. He has mastered this art. Tantojutsu is the art of using the tanto, or the dagger. Tanto originated in Japan and were used by samurai during the Heian period. Now, in this modern day and age, the common dagger is now considered a tanto, therefore Tantojutsu is the art of using the dagger. Erik’s skill level with this fighting style remains proficient. This is not a power or ability but, in fact, a skill that allows him to possess extraordinarily skillful expertise in numerous ways and techniques of stealth. Mixing this skill with his malleable anatomy, he is able to do spy work with ease. He is also exceptionally skilled in the art of magic, specifically shadow magic and magic involving water. His magic abilities are limited to his surroundings and what he possesses for the most part although a lot of his magic stems from the dark arts, which usually only require a dark-natured person. He, however, does not believe he is the evil man that the majority of the population sees him to be.

Naga Physiology

  • Supernatural Condition

He has the senses of a snake and can see heat signatures from as far away as one hundred yards. Not only can he see heat signatures though, he can also feel vibrations through solid surfaces (i.e. walls, floors, and roofs). He does not age and will maintain the appearance of a twenty one year old for the rest of his life… that is once he reaches twenty one years old. This can’t be changed by any spell. This is what being a Naga is truly about. With being a Naga, aside from the explained abilities he is granted superhuman strength (1250 lbs. lifting – 2500 lbs. punching pressure), speed (Max. of 400 FPS off water – Max. of 500 FPS on water without use of anything else), and thought processions (0.03 seconds needed to process an entire thought.) to the highest degree. In his Naga form, the famed serpentine tail can be used for many things (i.e. a blade or a constriction tool, maybe even crushing his opponent). The final two perks of being a Naga would be the enhanced flexibility and the enhanced climbing. Due to his power over water, he is highly resistant to heat. This does not mean he is entirely immune to it, however but his limitations are very vast. He is able to survive being covered in magma, that’s approximately 1100 degrees Fahrenheit above ground. This means that his opponent must produce at least 1250 degrees Fahrenheit of heat to effectively burn and damage Erik. His body will instantly adapt to any foreign substances, thus rendering all poisons useless. At the moment, he is able to withstand all man-made poisons as well as Naga poison. He will feel the initial effects of the poison, adapting within seconds. This allows him to regenerate cells at an accelerated rate, thus allowing him to heal much faster than the normal human being. Instantly lethal attacks are not recoverable, however, he is able to reattach a missing limb. The only thing required would be that missing limb. He would also be able to regenerate his head if allowed to. The head must be placed back onto his body within a few moments.

  • Naga Anatomy

This is the ability that allows him to return back and forth between his two main forms. He can rearrange his bones, muscles and skin which can allow him to change his looks to match those of others. He must first consume the body of that somebody he is becoming, able to return to his own human form or Naga form at will. If he returns to his true form, his Naga form, he is able to withstand fire and bullets with ease. The scales are thick and rigid and only cover the bottom half of his body although it seems like the top half is covered in scales also at times. He is able to consume and digest any substance without injury as well as chomp a chunk from someone or something with ease. Not only can he do these things but his bite is venomous as a Naga. He possesses fangs that can spew venom out of them at will, allowing him to be a ranged fighter or close range fighter. Spitting the venom, it is harmless on one’s skin but if allowed to contact the eyes, it can cause permanent blindness if left untreated. If he is allowed to bite and inject his venom, however, the consequences would be death. The initial feeling would be a sudden dizziness, followed by a weak feeling. It takes only a few seconds to take effect. Once the weak feeling has set in the opponent will become paralyzed, limb by limb after only a few moments. After only a few minutes, the final effects of the bite would set in. The opponent will instantly go in a coma and die soon after (one turn). Overall, it only takes two minutes for the opponent to die once being envenomed. The one who has been poisoned must then ask him nicely for the anti-venom, for all Naga’s venoms are different and unique. Within his mouth is a forked tongue that allows him to achieve superhuman smell, aside from his human nose. He uses this tongue to sense which direction a smell is coming from. Sensing with this tongue, he is able to follows unseen and unnoticeable trails based on chemical cues. These trails are left by all creatures, even if they don’t know it themselves. He is also able to remain emerged under water for as long as he would like, as well as hold his breath for an unusually long amount of time.

  • Innate Magical Abilities

He hones the ability to control, generate or absorb water and moisture. This can be used for many purposes, although the main purpose would be to increase his speed or rupture another’s organs by manipulating their blood. He can even evaporate the water at will, infusing it with his own cells and placing it within an opponent’s body to do with what he pleases. Being so closely related to water and other forms of Nature naturally as a Naga, he is able to summon rain for a short period of time. This can be used inside but is always more powerful outside. It can assist him with the manipulation of water in many ways. He is exceptionally skilled in the art of magic, specifically shadow magic and magic involving water. His magic abilities are limited to his surroundings and what he possesses for the most part although a lot of his magic stems from the dark arts, which usually only require a dark-natured person. He, however, does not believe he is the evil man that the majority of the population sees him to be. He has a final ability called the Gorgon’s Gaze allows him to turn those who look into his eyes into stone. He can apparently turn it on and off like a switch. He is able to conjure a flame which he refers to as 'divine' in his eyes. This flame holds traits similar to Holy Fire and Hell Fire, destroying virtually anything in its path with no set temperature though it has been noted that the flames are hot enough to leave absolutely no byproduct left behind. Erik is seemingly immune to these flames and able to utilize them with omni-directional precision, even consuming his body with them.



  • Hydro-Embodiment

This spell turns his physical body into a mass of water, rendering all physical attacks useless however; this spell does not protect him from attacks that effect the senses or his mind [Three Post Preparation].

  • Boiling Body

Before this spell can even be performed, the Hydro Embodiment spell must already be in effect. The Boiling Body spell turns his aquatic body into boiling water. He may do as he pleases in this state, often rushing towards his opponent to run past them and surround their bodies and/or scold them. It can also be used as a form of jet propulsion [One Post Preparation].

  • Hydro-Dome

He creates a dome that surrounds him and any opponents. The size of this dome depends on how many preparation posts were prior to the full creation. It can be used as an impenetrable shield [One Post Preparation] or as an inescapable shell to trap his opponent and perform the Freezing Water Expulsion spell [Three Post Preparation].

  • Freezing Water Expulsion

This spell requires the battlefield to be filled with enough water to be expelled into a freezing wave. This wave of flying water works best in secluded areas and freezes one down to the molecular level. He doesn’t have a cure to unfreeze anyone so it’s for emergencies only, used very rarely [One Extra Post].


  • Ghost Implosion

A Magic Circle surrounds Erik or his opponent, spinning around them in a clockwise motion. If the opponent is to stay within range of the Magic Circle, they would seemingly implode from the inside out or vanish from sight, leaving only clothes behind. Erik is also ¬able to use this on himself as a means of transportation. [Five Post Preparation]

  • Black Lightning Cannon

By generating dark magic into his palms, he can shape it into a dark-colored lightning and expel it into a powerful blast towards an opponent. This has the properties of both electricity and darkness, and can be conducted by water and metal [One Post Preparation].

  • Quietus

A sphere begins forming somewhere around Erik. Once this sphere has taken on its full power, Erik than raises a hand and takes control of the sphere. During the time of the sphere’s creation, the dark magic is unstable and can explode at any given time if disturbed. Once under Erik’s control, he can do with it what he wishes. It destroys and consumes everything in its path, erasing matter like Hellfire [Two Post Preparation].

  • Ghost

Much like the Hydro-Embodiment spell, Erik is able to cloak himself in an aura of shadows, ultimately enhancing his physical state as well as amplifying the power of his dark magic. When activated, his eyes become obscured, leaving only blank irises shown. Aside from improved performances, Erik gains the ability to morph in and out of shadows, allowing for swift, intangible movement and an erratic fighting style [Four Post Preparation].

  • Shadow Dragon's Melody

By incorporating his animal-like nature and his dark magic, he is able to produce a mighty roar that emits a large burst of shadows from his mouth. These burst of shadows do not physically hit the opponent from the outside but phase through them and implant his will into their mind and soul, therefore virtually making the target his slave [Three Post Preparation].


  • One Hundred Serpents

Once this spell is casted, one hundred venomous snakes rush from his armor in two forms. The first form would be water while the other form would be shadows. While leaving his armor, they are invincible and cannot be harmed until they materialize and truly become snakes. Each snake has its own venom and each snake is just as venomous as the rest of them [Three Post Preparation].

  • Grand Summoning

The Colossal Serpent This spell allows him to summon a fierce anaconda that stretches one hundred and fifty feet long and weighs over six thousand pounds. It is swift (Max. of 1000 FPS) and has a blade-like tail, sharp enough to slice through ten inch thick walls of titanium with ease. Along with the bladed tail, it has razor sharp fangs, able to pierce through virtually anything due to its natural sharpness and all-magic-negating saliva. Swinging its tail at full force would be enough to knock down a reinforced building with ease [Six Post Preparation].


[Coming soon.]