A centaur or hippocentaur is a creature with a human upper body, that changes to the body and legs of a horse below the torso.

Examples of Centaurs


  • In the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, a centaur going by the name of Chiron makes his debut.[1]


  • In the Chronicles of Narnia movies, there is a centaur named Oreius, who lead the Narnians, alongside Peter, into the Battle of Beruna. He fell in the battle in attempting to murder the White Witch, but was eventually revived by Aslan. In the years following the battle, Oreius eventually married and had descendants.[2]
  • Firenze, a character from the Harry Potter movies, is a centaur originally from the Forbidden Forest colony. He successfully rescues Harry Potter from Voldemort by frightening the enemy, and allowing Harry to ride on his back. This heroic act leads his herd to arrogantly deem this a dishonourable act, for they believed themselves too great to be ridden. Later on, he is banished from his herd. However, after the Battle of Hogwarts, Firenze is injured, but after they realise that pro-human acts were not shameful, his herd allows him to return.[3]


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