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Bravo Fleet, commonly abbreviated to BF, is a role-playing community based on Star Trek and founded in 1997 by Mike Bremer and Pat Weber. The role-playing games on Bravo Fleet take mostly place on NOVA, forums, and in email.

Tracing its roots back to just prior to the Dominion War, the Bravo Fleet has been engaged as an operational fleet in many of the Federation's defining moments across the 24th century. It served on the front lines of the Dominion War, charted several of Starfleet's most remote territories including the Raeyan Sector and the Inconnu Expanse, made first contact with formerly unknown powers well beyond our borders, and aided the Romulan Empire in the days following the Hobus hypernova. Today, the Fleet is tasked with boldly exploring the final frontier while defending the Federation.


Bravo Fleet was founded in 1997 by Mike Bremer and Pat Weber. Weber served as the first Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer ("BFCO") from August 1997 to December 1997. Bremer took over this position when Weber left and served as BFCO until 2004.

Bravo Fleet went through a change of governance models in January 2017, replacing the BFCO with a three person Bravo Fleet Command Council ("BFCC"). The current BFCC is comprised of JonM, Aio and greenfelt22.


Bravo Fleet currently consists of five Task Forces, each with it's own unique operational area. The current Sim Year is 2388 for TFs 9, 38, 72, and 93, while TF99 operates beyond the bounds of space and time. In 2017, Bravo Fleet unveiled a new website using its custom Bravo Fleet Management Software. BFMS has helped to usher in a new era of Fleet Management for players and sims alike. Other services Bravo Fleet offers the members include Discord Chat Channels, a message forums, player and sim awards, news service, player 'work groups' to discuss ideas and ways to improve gaming for all members, and more.

  • Task Force 9 (Gamma Quadrant) The war may be a decade past, but in the void left by the Dominion’s withdrawal, chaos reigns supreme in the Gamma Quadrant. Task Force 9’s mission is to restore peace and order to the region, while remaining vigilant for the return of the Dominion.
  • Task Force 38 (Delta Quadrant) The discovery of ancient gateway granted Starfleet access to a far off region of the Delta Quadrant known as the Round Table. But an age old nemesis, the Borg, destroyed the Gateway, leaving Task Force 38 stranded as the Vaadwaur and others push in on all sides.
  • Task Force 72 (Alpha Quadrant) The Cardassians have begun beating the war drums, pushing into the Gavarian Corridor, space contested with the Romulans, and invading the Breen. In response, their neighbors have mobilized their forces, and peace hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, exploration initiatives into the Inconnu Expanse are threatened by an indigenous group of pirates known as the Ravagers.
  • Task Force 93 (Beta Quadrant) The destruction of Romulus may have led the Romulans to retreat behind their borders, but the quadrant is not quiet. Klingon aggression has picked up, the Gorn have invaded and annexed a region of Federation space along their border, and Starfleet’s rebuilding efforts in the Raeyan Sector struggle in the crossroads of four regional powers.
  • Task Force 99 (Alternate Times/Universes) From the eras of Enterprise, the Original Series, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, the popular Ares Operational Theater, to the alternate universes of NuTrek, mirror universes and future times, Task Force 99 provides an opportunity for players to play in other parts of Star Trek fandom.

The current membership of the BFA is as follows:

  • BFCC: Admiral Hars Darax [Aio]
  • BFCC: Michael Drake [JonM]
  • BFCC: Vice Admiral Zachary O'Connell [greenfelt22]
  • TFCO - TF09: Vice Admiral Lauren A. Archer [Alexander]
  • TFCO - TF72: Vice Admiral S'iraa [Solaris]
  • TFCO - TF93: Rear Admiral Anin [BlackWolf]
  • TFCO - TF99 Vice Admiral James K'Temoc Bremer [MBremer]

Use of terminology

  • BFA: The Bravo Fleet Admiralty. This is the governing body of the fleet
  • BFCO: The Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer. This person acted as the chairperson of the board for the BFA
  • BFSS: The Bravo Senior Staff. This was the senior most members of the BFA, typically consisting of the BFCO, BFXO, and other senior members voted in by the BFA.
  • BFCC: The Bravo Fleet Command Council. This is a three person group acting as the chair of the board for the BFA
  • Sim/Simm/Simulation: a role-play or textual role-playing game, similar to how some other communities use sim instead
  • Task Force: A logical grouping of simulations based on a specific area in space. Presently each BF Task Forces encompasses a full Quadrant of the Galaxy for simplicity, with the exception of Task Force 99, a special Task Force that houses all of the alternate timeline games that appear in any of the movies/series outside of the post Star Trek Nemesis movie.
  • TFCO: Task Force Commanding Officer. Just like the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer has executive authority over the entire fleet, each TFCO is charged with the day to day operations of their respective Task Forces. Every Task Force has a TFCO.

Major Awards

Laureate Award Year
USS Pegasus Fleet Admiral's Commendation Simm of the Year 1997
Mike Bremer James Kirk CO of the Year 1997
Mike Bremer Michelle Cox Memorial Ship Role-Player of the Year 1998
Mike Bremer Simming Prize 2011
Starbase 400 Simming Prize 2012
Starbase 400 Simming Prize 2012
Darian Caplinger Simming Prize 2014
USS Vindex Bravo Fleet Simulation of the Year 2014
Lieutenant Commander David Stross Bravo Fleet Player of the Year 2014
Mike Bremer Squiddie Award presented by Ongoing Worlds 2015
Bravo Fleet Simming Prize 2015
IRV Imperiax Bravo Fleet Simulation of the Year 2015
Commander Adren Bahrat Noth Bravo Fleet Player of the Year 2015

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