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Cooce1234578 Cooce1234578 5 February


how are you

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Massacre16 Massacre16 5 November 2020


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FaundoesRWBY FaundoesRWBY 18 September 2020



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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 22 August 2020


Hello! My name is Nickolas/Club-Dreamiverse. How are things for you? Does anyone want to role-play with me in notes or chat?

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SpecialOperationsTrooper SpecialOperationsTrooper 27 April 2020
0 Wiki

Finally my time has come! I have come to Heroism Fandom!

Now all my Role-Playing will be justified as I am strictly in a reaper-commando sense that my Rangers and Thieves side of me that I am trying to righten the idealage of Sword-Hunters from the U.S.A. (that's going after the omnus'[an overly smart "wolf" that chose to actually figure out THETA to stay in the wolf pack longer. Instead of vsing the BETAs for an actual position like EPSILON- those actually create the rankings inside the wolf pack; such as the MU] vagabonds that journey to Japan to become shinobi instead of just using a sword in their actual country like an arbiter.

The Heroism Wiki will get me out of the Anti-Villain stratagem I use against the ocean spirit-animals; Which i…

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Potatofishdog01 Potatofishdog01 26 March 2020


My first blog post! Yay! Anywho, a few people I know asked me a few questions, and I decided to post them here. Enjoy!

Favorite color? Red, of course! I like to think it's the color of love (I'm pretty sure pink is also). Not only that, it's a beautiful color and looks good on everyone.

Favorite food? I know this sounds childish, but since I was very little my favorite has always been Mac 'N' Cheese.

Favorite sport? To be honest, I like may sports. Soccer, Volleyball, and Figure Skating are just a few of them.

Favorite tv show? I love older tv shows, so my favorite is probably Little House on the Prarie.

Favorite anime? owo

I'd say my favorite anime is either Yona of the Dawn or Free! Eternal Summer.

Favorite manga? uwu

Oofie, that's a toughie. I'd pr…

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XVeraLoveBabyx XVeraLoveBabyx 21 March 2020

20 edits here i come

so hi guys whats up

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Messenger of Heaven Messenger of Heaven 19 January 2020

RolePlay Wiki's Simming Quest

Hello everyone, I'm here to announce, Roleplay Wiki’s Simming Quest. If any of you paid attention to last year's game show: The Simming Endeavor, you would notice this series is inspired by that.

But this will be slightly different and we encourage all roleplayers from this wiki to join in, we will also be inviting OnGoingWorlds to take part in this contest! First off I will be your host Sparky will most likely be a contestant but he's helped make this in every step of the way.

There are some rules to consider for everyone wanting to participate in this quest.

  • All participants are to make a character page on Role Play Wiki after the genre is announced. See Editing for help.
  • Be a good sport. People have worked hard on their characters and submis…

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Quetzalcoatl The RainWing Quetzalcoatl The RainWing 17 November 2019

Starlight Beam Mage Kirby

This is from Kirby Super Clash.

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DreamKeeperTheAnimus DreamKeeperTheAnimus 16 November 2019

Taking commissions for ocs!

If you'd like to send an art commission, then you can suggest one down here.

↡    ↡    ↡    ↡   ↡


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SKareemM SKareemM 15 October 2019






Pink Type

​​​​​​​Dark Type

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TheRogue12 TheRogue12 28 June 2019

Um, Hi?

Well... I've finally remembered this place.

Um, why have I seen just about nobody around lately? :/

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Messenger of Heaven Messenger of Heaven 17 June 2019

A Doomed Destiny Wiki

Hello, I am reposting this blog here from CC to see the original click this

  • 1 About
  • 2 Community Guidelines
  • 3 Discussions
  • 4 Staff
  • 5 Concussion

A Doomed Destiny wiki was founded in July 2018, so it's almost a year old, the wiki is meant to be a social wiki as well as a roleplay wiki. Users are allowed to explore their creativity, create characters, deepen the plotline and add as many twists as they want to the story.

Right now the storyline for the main roleplay is this:

A new world is created after Earth was destroyed, it is set in a post apocalypse time when the forces that destroyed earth are starting to create havoc on Atlas.

Most things about the roleplay are allowed to be changed and molded to the community's preference.

Our guidelines are well format…

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SpecialOperationsTrooper SpecialOperationsTrooper 11 June 2019

Real Life Super Hero: Quantum Viper.

Actually It's the Monsignifer Lancehead Viper!

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Work on Weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are missing out on true imagination, and are only focusing on public opinions. TRY OUT NEW THINGS!!!!


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EarthlingnAkumi EarthlingnAkumi 10 May 2019

SciWorld 2019

Hi everyone! SciWorld 2019 is in 8 days. Have you saved the date yet? Here's some things you can do to get prepared for the online convention on May 18th!

  1. Save the date on your calendar, and come whenever you can. This year's SciWorld is between 10:00AM PST to 5:00PM PST. (Time zone conversions at the bottom of this blog). You may join in at any time of the day! Remember that the convention is on Discord, so you may join the server in advance or the day of (Here's the invite.)
2. Plan to host a panel. There are still a ton of slots open for SciWorld panels! Any ideas are welcome for a panel, so long as it pertains to role playing or simming. It can be a game, trivia, QnA, talking time, etc! (Plus you get some cool perks here, too!). If you're in…
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EarthlingnAkumi EarthlingnAkumi 25 April 2019

2019 SciWorld Panelists

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to announce that we are looking for panelists for the 2019 SciWorld Online Convention! Read on to find out more information about the event, the dates, and how to sign up for it!

SciWorld is an annual online convention relating to simming and play-by-post role playing. It is held in chatrooms (IRC in previous years, this year and last year on Discord) and there are several panels relating to role play.

The date for this year's SciWorld is May 18 from 10 AM PDT (California Time) to 6 PM PDT. Each session is in one hour blocks. The hosts for this year are the TNU Project, Theta Fleet, and our wiki in conjunction with Ongoing Worlds. You can check out the schedule here.

In order to become a panelist, you can join the Discor…

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Just Some Hero Just Some Hero 12 April 2019

. . .

Hello seince im stupid i wont be geting on the chat anymore because i went and got my ass grounded. it was fun talkin with ya so im out.

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FortunaMajor1122 FortunaMajor1122 21 March 2019


I don't know what to put here.

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OverBreak OverBreak 20 February 2019


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BrittalCroftFan BrittalCroftFan 25 January 2019


Can anyone please stop blocking me from Private Message? This is so annoying.

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Messenger of Heaven Messenger of Heaven 11 January 2019


Hello, everyone. As you all know by now, my request for adoption of this wiki was successful with JoePlay congratulating me for the community support. As I promised. I've made a lot of changes, including promoting one administrator. Though I'm still trying to figure out who should be the chat moderators of this wiki!

I deleted all the pages marked for deletion. Changed from Talk Pages to Message Walls. Added chat guidelines. South Ferry was promoted to administrator. With the help of Fandom staff, he enabled Discussions on the wiki. He also updated the Chat JS and greatly modernized our chat.

With the addition of Discussions, this creates an area for users to seek help with RP wikis and etc, as well as for RP worlds to start here. We have t…

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Messenger of Heaven Messenger of Heaven 14 December 2018


Hello, I'm Messenger of Heaven. I am making this blog because I will be creating a request on Community Central to adopt this wiki and I want to get the community's opinions on it.

  • 1 Inactive Admins
  • 2 A List of things that need to be done
  • 3 Chat
  • 4 Conclusion

This wiki has very inactive admins that have not edited in a very long time. The admins and bureaucrats are as followed:

Yatalu - bureaucrat, helper, restricted-login, sysop, util - June 7, 2017

Ongoingworlds - chatmoderator, rollback, sysop - February 4, 2015

Morisondo - bureaucrat, sysop - May 2, 2014

  • Unfinished pages that really need to be filled out
  • Red links of pages that need to be created or have link removed
  • A lot of pages that need to be deleted
  • Categories that need to be created or cleaned u…

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OverBreak OverBreak 29 October 2018


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OverBreak OverBreak 21 October 2018


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Monoking Monoking 9 June 2016


So, I've been thinking about RP wikias for a while, and my own isn't up yet, but I was thinking about affiliates and lists and the like...

Has anyone ever made a list of all available RP wikias somewhere? Would anyone be willing to help me do that?

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Joebev910 Joebev910 10 April 2016

sailor moon

i be joe

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Nixie the Bloody Pixie Nixie the Bloody Pixie 6 December 2015

Nixie's Newscast - Fullmetal Alchemist Fanon Wiki

Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time to click on this blog.

Now, as you might have seen from this blog's title, I will be talking about the FMA Fanon Wiki. We are in dire need of help to make a Fanon Canon-storyline, and therefore we have begun reaching out to other Wikis to see if anyone could be interested in joining up. 

The things you get out of this is as follows:

- great company from all the other contributors

- the chance to better your writing/RP-skills

- generally having fun with making new characters

We hope to hear from you guys soon!

Nixie the Bloody Pixie (talk) 10:44, December 6, 2015 (UTC)

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Alpha Ranger Alpha Ranger 11 May 2015

Roleplays I Am In

These are roleplays I have been in.

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Yatalu Yatalu 9 September 2014

RPWiki's two skins

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Yatalu Yatalu 3 May 2014

How to navigate through RPWiki

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James-B392 James-B392 21 January 2014

Community Proposal: Move Private Roleplays to User Namespaces

I have noticed that some private roleplays are taking up a lot of space in the main wiki. I propose that pages such as: user-created universes and characters, species and planets should be moved to a private namespace (ie. ). This would make the creator easily identifiable. Please leave your thoughts and decision in the comments. Thank you!

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Yatalu Yatalu 28 December 2013

Community vote - RPWiki Guidelines

Dear RPWikians,

The most important decision of 2013 may have been a triple merge between RolePlay Wiki, Role Play Wiki and the Simming Encyclopedia — and if it wasn't, I'll just assume it at least got in your "top 10". However, not everything has been settled just yet. As you may already or may not yet know, I have been spending many hour of my time throughout the past months working on a set of guidelines and rules for the wiki. Let's make this a first highlight for 2014!

The proposed set of rules and guidelines has been created with the help of SimEnc:Guidelines and SimEnc:Terms of Service. On the one hand, this was because the two Wikia wikis had no single rule written down and SimEnc did. On the other hand, SimEnc's policy was already very …

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Hydrocarbon1997 Hydrocarbon1997 18 October 2013

Avatar RP Wiki

(shameless advertising) hey i'm hydro, admin of ARPW. Now if you're into Avatar: The Last Airbender (that's right i'm talkin benders here, not the weird blue cats >_>) or Legend of Korra. you might like this place. it's a roleplaying wiki if you didn't figure that out. which takes place 250 years after Korra arrived in Republic City.

These are just some answers to some questions i'm expecting.

Q: How many Airbenders are alive, what happened to the temples?

A: Over 6 million and the 4 air temples are functioning and teaming with air nomads

Q:Is Republic City up to modern technology standards? Meaning they have internet, cell phones and video games.

A: No there haven't been too much advancement, the reason why can be explained in our story


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Yatalu Yatalu 9 October 2013


Dear RP Wiki and SimEnc contributors,

Chas and I have been in deliberation with this for a couple of weeks, but now is the time to announce you all what we see as future of our favorite encyclopedias. We would like to propose a merge, a joining together of all three wikis (roleplay.wikia, role-play.wikia and In this post, I will fully explain what is upcoming. Even if you didn't read the entire post, please express your opinion in the comments below. You are perfectly allowed to both support or oppose a merge, as full community approval is needed to go through with this big of a change.

  • 1 What changes will be made?
    • 1.1 Content
    • 1.2 URL
    • 1.3 Rules/guidelines
    • 1.4 Features
    • 1.5 Layout
    • 1.6 Hierarchy
  • 2 How will changes be made?
    • 2.1 Changed and to change
    • 2.2…

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