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Character Name
Species Human
Sex CMale
Age 26
Roleplay Information
Name Hatake Chronicles
Genre Manga/Anime
Type Imagination


The Basics

  • Hair- Brown. Long, spiky.
  • Eyes- brown
  • Build- Adverage (medium)
  • Height- 5ft, 7in
  • Weight- 183lbs

The Details / Identifying features

  • None


Clothes / Armor

Normal ninja type black pants, an under, net-shirt, a robe type over shirt which is black and green, with a red belt on the waist.He wears red wooden type sandles.

This is the same attire Jiraiya once wore when he was younger, during the days he spent with Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan.


  • He has the normal ninja weapons of course. He also has this special sword of his that he cant add or take awya length to with his earth chakra, making earth add on to the sword and harden spectacularlly to be like the rest of the sword.

Things to Know

Benjiro was an orphan whos parents had died in a freak accident during experimantation of chemicals. This all happened when Benjiro was only 3 so he doesn't remember ever having parents. He grew up as Naruto did, mostly on his own, and he went into the ninja academy. And passed adveragely with the rest of his class, he was then assigned into a squad with his teammates, Sira Minochi & Hinabi Hyuuga, with the squad leader being Naruto Uzumaki, the 6th Hokage! When he was asked what his dream was he said he wanted to be like Naruto, and more than anything, like Jiraiya! He was obviously trained very well seeing on how he is a Satoosa now, as well as a sage! Little is known about his teammates, but we know Hinabi has now turned out to be a fine ninja.

Benjiro is a great master of Earth style. He also can do a fare amount of Wind Style. Now he is the leader of Kakashi Hatake 2nd, and highly respected in the ninja community.


He is a Satoosa


Ninja ID-116241

Brithday- September 1

Blood Type- O+



Benjiro is quite kind, and a tad more worry-some than others. But when he is fighting he suddenly becomes more bold, but cocky as well if things are going his way.


  • He shares Naruto's love for ramen, but actually likes BBQ ribs more. He also reads and loves the old MakeOut serises, along with Kakashi(o) and now Naruto too!


  • Chips, crackers, or basically any type of dry crispy foods. He also is not very fond of spicy food, he will eat moderatly spicy foods, but no spicier than that.


Relationship Status

Benjiro has had passed girlfriends and such but right now he is single.


  • He has no actually known family. He is as family, with Naruto being a Father to him and Hinata being a Mother to him, and such like that. He even sometimes feels like Kaakshi(o) is like an Uncle to him. He also adds in that since Jiraiya was like a Father to Naruto, Jiraiya is as a Grandfather to him.

Skills and Weaknesses

Physical Strengths

He has quite great phisical strenths, and a massive amount of chakra. His greatest strengths are with his Earth style ninjutsu!

Skills and Education

Benjiro graduated the Ninja Acedemy at the age of 13. He took and passed the Chunin exams at the ag of 14. He became a special Jonin when he was 17, and a Jonin at 21. Then he finally became a Satoosa when he was 24.


His greatest weakness lays in the fact that his greatest strength is his Earth style Ninjutsu, and it is Lightning. This is the main reason Benjiro learned an Wind Style.



His childhood as said wa much like that of Naruto's being alone a lot. But once he came onto a squad with Naruto and his teammates he felt more of a family type feeling. He ended up being with Naruto a lot, and Naruto rather enjoyed his company, and enjoyed the fact that he was helping Benjiro not to be alone.


Benjiro is a strong minded fellow who stands proud of who he is and how far he has come. He can sometimes get a bit cocky, but is morely an eailly respectable person.

Current status

He has just come back form a mission with Kakashi Hatake 2nd, and is resting waiting for a new mission to come, and being glad that this time he doesn't have so much paper work to do!

Creator Information

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