I love donating my time to animal shelters and soup kitchens. I know what you are thinking. I'm just one of those nerd, always helping people types. Well, that's what I though to. My mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was ten. My father just left us with his girlfriend, probably popping out babies in groups of three or more. I was more of a social outcast than I am now. I would read at least twenty books in the school year not including the ones I would read over the weekends. I always got strait As. I was well treated by mostly everyone. My mother would always value me and my needs as if I were a princess. She would always buy me new clothes or toys or even books. What I didn't get was that I was showered with presents when she could have used all that money to pay for her cancer treatments. I ever understood until I woke up one morning. It was all bright and sunny like it usually is in March. My mother was known as a fighter after beating her second brain tumor. I would ask her why they keep coming back and all she would say is that is was known in our family. She continued with the present-buying. When I got my driver's license I would return most of the clothes and gifts and put the money back in our bank account. I just wanted the best for her, I didn't want to even think of driving cross-country to look for my father and join his softball team of a family.

Physical Appearance

The tips of my curled, brown hair are dyed purple. I like to keep it dark, I've had my hair blonde a lot also. I have a small, kind smile that I have always liked. My eyes have a cool, dark blue shade and are tilted down at the ends. Baggy sweatpants or jeans always like to complement my small frame.