Beaufort N'fo[1] (NFO) is a retired Star Trek simmer. He served as a Vice Admiral and Commanding Officer of the USS Lancelot in the Star Trek Sims club.


In November 1993, NFO joined the USS Phoenix (later renamed the USS Royal Proxima) run by Warin Trekker. A naval veteran, NFO believed STS would benefit from a structured, military feel that recreated Starfleet in all aspects of the sim. NFO wrote a guidebook and proposed organizational changes, which were quickly accepted. Further, NFO was given permission to spin off the ship he used during Trekker's weekly sim, the USS Lancelot, and develop it as a separate sim within STS.

Under the leadership of Trekker and NFO, STS expanded. By 1996, STS fielded 6 sims, and by 1999, STS had reached its greatest heights, running 6 chat sims and 3 email sims. During this time, NFO served as a Vice Admiral and the number two official within STS. His main role was as a chief of personnel.

NFO served as the commanding officer of the Lancelot from its launch in 1994 until 1999. In 1999, he turned day to day command of the sim over to his first officer, Jana Voi Windstar, and largely stopped attending the sim, but continued to retain overall authority over the sim. Jana ran the sim until December 2000, at which point she retired from command but remained a crew member. With NFO's blessing, Chas Hammer was made the new commander of the Lancelot. Unfortunately, by this point in time, STS had declined - only the Lancelot and one e-mail sim remained active. Chas attempted to revise the STS guidebook and launch efforts to revive the club, but was overruled by NFO. Frustrated, Chas quit the sim in March 2001. The Lancelot, and STS, continued on for a few more months before petering out.


  1. Unless otherwise noted, all material in this article comes from Chas Hammer. Chas was a member of STS from 1996 to 2001. The information contained in the article is derived from STS newsletters and other materials Chas has saved. A further source of information for this article comes from a series of interviews Chas conducted in 1998 with Trekker, NFO, and Trekguru.