Battlestar Galactica: Through Destruction, Perseverance is a guild sim in the Federation Sim Fleet. As a guild game it is not recognized as an official Fleet game in the FSF but it does run as an experimental project within the FSF Guilds. BSG:TDP is the brainchild of FSF Ignatius, a lover of the Battlestar Galactica series, and his close friend, FSF Myth. The game currently runs every Friday night at 9 PM EST in IRC chat room #BSG_TDP.


Battlestar Galactica: Through Destruction, Perseverance spent many months in development. FSF Ignatius, at the time known as Kii (his pre-hosting name), had complained to FSF Blackjack multiple times about the lack of genres in the FSF. The FSF had at the time only two primary genres for gaming: Star Trek and Stargate. The FSF also boosted a few Star Wars games and a Torchwood game at the time as well, but other series, such as BSG and Firefly weren't represented. Ignatius recognized the beauty and creative possibilities with a Battlestar themed game. As such he began searching for a crew and someone to help bring the game to life.

A few months later Ignatius met FSF Myth and the two instantly clicked. She favored his idea and offered to assist him in developing a game and a plot. Instead of taking the normal structure to developing a game Iggy and Myth chose to create a story for the sim by approaching the story through a series of logs. These logs would later become known as the Battlestar Galactica: An Exordium (Latin for the beginning or introduction). After a few months the background story was completed and a crew was found for the sim.

Getting the game going was shaky. Most of the crew that originally signed up for the game initially joined after FSF Who's successful miniseries open sim series that ran in the main FSF irc room. The interest that was developed gave great hope for a successful game. However this success was short lived. Ignatius wasn't comfortable running the game with a screw of less than 12 players. He only had 8 and for months he continued to recruit until many left the game due to its inactivity. This led to a new recruiting drive and an immediate launch.


BSG:TDP began with the introduction of two primary characters: Michael Baltar, a professor of of Chicago and his assistant and lover Leah Summers. After excavating a site in Egypt the two discovered a series of journals, star charts, books, and other assorted materials left behind by the survivors of the 12 Colonies. The two went back to Chicago with another item: a Cylon Centurion that had been off for thousands of years. In Chicago Leah got the Centurion working again but began having nightmares. These dreams were memories of her past: a hidden model of the cylons and she discovered who she actually was. The Centurion escaped from Michael's lab and went on a rampage of destruction throughout the city of Chicago before being destroyed by Michael.

Flash forward a few years and you find Michael and Leah enlisted into the US Army. Michael and Leah had given the details of the ship to the Department of Defense and the Battlestar was constructed by the US Army. It was assigned a exploration mission but shortly before its official launch an ancient basestar jumped into orbit of the Earth and attacked. The Battlestar rescued as many people as they could but before the ship could be destroyed the Battlestar performed a blind jump and safely escaped the Cylon invaders.

The crew of the Battlestar Galactica are trapped and lost in space, with little supplies for survival, a crew of 10,000, and no home left.


Ignatius realized from the start of the project that in order to create a compelling and outstanding game that fit into the traditions of Battlestar Galactica it would need philosophical and spiritual dimensions. As such the game incorporates various philosophical traditions and ideas from great thinkers such as Sartre and Hume. Religiously the game focuses on theological ideas most often found in Catholic tradition.

To create a game that felt like Battlestar Ignatius also decided to work through innovative methods. These methods would tie in the game to the two BSG television series and would borrow from each to create the feel of Battlestar Galactica.

Experimental Techniques

As a guild game in the FSF, Ignatius was given the freedom to try and experiment with the way that a sim operates. Initially BSG:TDP worked as a Message Board game. In this period of its history the game incorporated many untried things in the FSF, such as changing the methods of posting to reflect either in-game role-play in the in-character mission section of the BSG boards, or by simply posting entries to a diary that advanced the plot of the game. This created an open structure to the roleplay which allows for freedom of input of its members. Ignatius also developed an open door writing policy which allows for games and plots to be run by non members of the game's hosting team. Another thing the game incorporated was challenging the way that an action is made to set the pace of the game. While the normal action statement is used, a musical action statement is used to set the feeling of the game at any given moment.

When the game moved over to live chat in irc Ignatius and Myth created an independent radio station through spreaker which would play during the game. In order to sync the music with upcoming actions, Ignatius and Myth timed the music to collaborate with things happening in game. Every episode of BSG:TDP begins with the show's main theme song, the original theme to Battlestar Galactica.