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Project XIII
NameJacob Banner
Alias(es)Project XIII; TNT
Physical appearance
Weight136 lbs.
Skin toneIvory
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PowersExtremis Virus
Out of character
CreatedFebruary, 2014
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 Jake is the son of a scientist, cursed with his father's vision and obsessions. He has a protective complex about him that renders him 'good' in the eyes of those who know him.


Jacob is lean with the build of a teenage track runner. In terms of size, he is average heighted with minimal weight to hold him back. He relies mostly on speed in terms of combat so he exercises his lower body much more than his upper body though this does not limit him in any way. He has short, silky silver hair that stretched to about the top of his neck depending on the day which he always keeps cut to perfection. This does not mean he spends too much time on his hair otherwise, however. Just above his waistline, on the left half of his abdomen, is a tattoo that reads 'PROJECT XIII' in Times New Roman font. He also has tattoos across his chest of two dragons which refers to as 'dancing dragons'. Ivory skin is complimented by glistening sky blue eyes that he states are his best feature. 


  • Comedic: Despite his previous trials and tribulations, Jake has seemed to never lose that spark and may even go over the edge in terms of trying to make someone laugh. This is probably just how he copes with his own traumas, however.
  • Fake: With his comedic prowess, Jake is also exremely skilled in the art of acting which makes him a perfect spy as well as a suspicious ally. This is also what makes people who know him doubt his blissful visage.
  • Spontaneous: At times he may be depressive, at other times he may be happy and upbeat and at other times he may be very violent and dangerous. This is due to the fact that he was born with ADHD and ADD and the Extremis virus only makes it worse because of the constant healing of his brain. He also is able to feel pain and with the feeling of pain to extreme degrees (sometimes constantly), some believe it has driven him insane.

Weapons (Main) & Abilities

Dynamite & Tar

Jacob is very proficient in the use of military dynamite as a weapon which also gave him the moniker of "TNT". He always carries a magic satchel which holds his explosives and has gone on to develop multiple techniques that basically consist of bombarding his opponent with multiple explosives (the more the better), redirecting his projectiles to improve its accuracy and speed and sneak bombs pass the enemy defenses. A few of his dynamite sticks are covered in the tar substance which transforms them into what he refers to as sticky bombs. He also carries a few special bombs such as his rocket bombs which are enhanced and upgraded with propulsion powder to make up for their lack of speed and accuracy. The sizes of each stick does vary between normals and mini-bombs with mini-bombs being no longer than the average man's middle finger and normal bombs about eight inches long.

Contact Lenses

These contact lenses are permanent and allow Jacob to not only detect infrared radiation with psionic control but also allow him to aim with the utmost accuracy. This is achieved by calculations performed by the contact lenses which take factors such as gravity, wind speed and magnetic fields into account.

Extremis Virus

  • Superhuman Condition

An Extremis subject's strength can be increased to superhuman levels, providing the user enough strength to toss cars and people with relative ease, break someone's skull with a single punch, counter someone's superhuman physical blows, break someone's bones with ease through an iron suit, rip the highly durable suit apart without effort, and even use the "blade" of a bulldozer as a blunt force object. An Extremis subject can move and run at incredible speeds up to 300 MPH, although it is unknown if this is the top speed an Extremis subject can move at. The virus grants its user almost unlimited stamina, with no need to eat, drink or breathe air. Extremis-enhanced beings have greater resistance to physical injury than an ordinary human. They are able to withstand bullet impacts and direct fire of thermal wave blasts without feeling pain, at a potency higher than which a thermal wave blast needs to have to cut through metal, only suffering minor wounds.

  • Exothermic Manipulation

Hosts of the Extremis virus are able to consciously raise the temperature of parts of their bodies. The effect can be controlled to the extent that it might only scorch skin, or increased to the point where it can cause steel to turn into a molten state. At the user's discretion, his/her lungs fill with fire plasma which he/she can exhale through his/her mouth. This is done with little to no effort and is often mistaken by folk to be draconian abilities. This also gives him some immunity to fire to some degree as he is innately able to withstand temperatures of three thousand degrees Celsius.

  • Healing Factor

​In addition to the extreme durability, Jacob can also heal himself from what would be typically fatal blows. This, in fact, was the original intention for the virus. Superficial wounds close over and heal in a matter of seconds and severed limbs can take minutes to grow. This does not mean that Extremis subjects are invincible in any way, however, they are unable to heal particularly extensive damage like the severance of their head or something like Hellfire erasing their heart from existence. However, this powerful healing factor does extend to every part of him, including his immune system, rendering him immune to the effects of all known diseases and infections. Jacob's body is also highly resistant to most drugs and toxins. For example, it is extremely difficult, though not impossible, for him to become intoxicated. It can be noted, however, that immensely large doses of tranquilizers are able to effect him. The healing factor also causes his brain cells to be in a constant state of flux and regeneration, rendering him immune to telepathics and psychics. Similar to his telepathic immunity, Jacob is also able to remain in partial control of himself while supernatural beings are trying to take control of him which also allows him to fight for his body in most cases.

Soul Link

Under the conditions of soul linking, Jacob and Hekate became married. This does not grant the 'goddess' Hekate many additional abilities as Jacob is merely a human, however, Jacob did receive a good amount of new abilities. Both are able to view the world through each others minds and telepathically communicate due to the marriage. The both also feel each other's pains, be it emotionally or physically. Her goddess-ship also granted Jacob soul immunity, meaning his soul is untouchable by both reapers or soul manipulators of any kind as is hers. Even in death, their souls will depart as one and their bodies will become empty shells that will eventually whither away.

  • Anger Empowerment

Jacob becomes more powerful through the anger, hatred, vengeance and rage of himself and those around him. Because he himself rarely becomes angry, he often causes his foe to lose his cool, feeding off of the anger that emits from his very essence. This is partly due to her existence in being a demon in all realities. This empowerment reaches all sections of him, making his Umbragenesis more powerful as well as his physical abilities as well, being more durable, faster and stronger depending on how much anger he is fed.

  • Umbragenesis

​As a result of the link, Jacob gained the ability to be a master of darkness and shadows. He is able to create constructs made completely out of darkness, however they will immediately wither away in the presence of holiness. However, if the foe is not an angel or a heavenly priest, the darkness constructs will be all powerful and are in fact more powerful when in the presence of Hekate as her abilities are enhanced when in the presence of Jacob. Just as this darkness can be intangible, it can also be made tangible, allowing for solidification to be in order and allowing him to basically create statues and the like out of pure darkness. People who use darkness and shadows are also at a loss against Jacob as he is able to absorb darkness as well to empower him, shadows included. Other than using the darkness for outer reasons, Jacob is also able to become one with the shadows as a means of almost instantaneous transportation. He basically moves himself into the shadow dimension where his power is virtually unlimited and moves faster than sound itself in the physical realm, allowing for him to emerge as if he has teleported. In the material plane (physical realm), it appears as if he becomes a shadow and it is fairly difficult to find him inside of his dark mist. Let it be noted that the shadow realm is not the realm of the dead or the astral realm, being something different in its entirety. He calls this movement through the shadows Umbrageous Transportation.


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