The Band of Brothers (or BoB) was a multiple genre simming club that ran from 2009 to 2015.


Band of Brothers promoted itself as a place of refuge from the simming politics common to other clubs. Each BoB simm was independent and made its own rules and canon, giving simms the simultaneous benefit of running an independent sim and the benefit of being in a group. There was no hierarchy. Instead, the club was organized along a flat system of leadership. Day to day oversight was placed into the hands of "The Harbor Master," whose role was to keep the place more or less organized, and to bring in new simms and prune dead simms.

The Band of Brothers billed itself as a grassroots organization, more of a step back to the table top gaming era, where you got together and played, and played seriously but for fun, and you were all friends. It focused on providing a calm, friendly atmosphere, with GMs who were interested in playing, not politicking.

Band of Brothers featured "Safe Haven," a social forum billed as "the kitchen table that you use to sit around with your friends before and after the D&D games."


Band of Brothers was founded in April 2009. The club grew to field an array of sims, including historical, modern day, fantasy, and science fiction sims. It's largest contingent were Star Trek sims - by 2015, Band of Brothers claimed over two dozen active Star Trek sims.

Along with Before the Mast RPG, Independence Fleet, and Stargate Command Sims, Band of Brothers participated in the 2012 World Wide Sims April Fools' Day joke, the largest prank ever pulled in simming history.

During late 2015, the Band of Brothers website was hacked twice in the span of three months. As a result of the damage suffered, the club announced it had disbanded.

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