A bag is usually a physical, flexible container that can be made out of materials such as leather or nylon, that is used to hold other items. Bags can have zippers, buttons or other mechanisms to keep it and other pockets closed. They come in many colors and sizes and can be decorated. Depending on the design, it can be worn in different manners. Some bags go over the shoulder while others are sit at the waist.


Bags can be made from various materials, both natural and synthetical. Some bags, such as woolen bags, may not be resistant against for instance rain, but are sometimes preferred because of the availability of the material or because of the sense of fashion of the person carrying them.

Examples of bags

Video games

  • In the Pokémon games, bags are often usable for the player. The designs depend on the gender of the player, along with the specified game. The bag can be organized with ease, and if necessary, items can be discarded by choice. Contrary to realistic expectations, unlimited items can be placed in the bag.